Killzone 3 $20 Bonus Credit Goes LIVE - PS3 Owners Must-Have

Recently, Killzone 3 was being offered for pre-order with a $20 pre-order bonus credit. Today, Killzone 3 has received another amazing deal. Get Killzone 3 with a full $20 Bonus credit!! Killzone 3 is available now!

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Ps_alm3k2888d ago

awesome maps and online multi-player.

KongRudi2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Dosn't every other store sell it for 40$?

Atleast I got it right under 400 NOK instead of the normal 600 NOK list price, as new games goes for here in Norway., if you don't look around for the cheapest options
Assumed it were because they push Move with this title.

So if Amazon is using list price 56$, and takes away 20$ if you use it within their store, you only save 4$, compared to other stores.

That is if you also planned buying a second game, i.e. Bulletstorm or Knight Contract, or something completely different. :-/

otherwise you're at a loss of 16$.