Killzone 3 Review [PSHype]

Get ready to completely immerse yourself in what will be, arguably, one of the best shooter games of the year. A game that will throw you right into the character's shoes. Brutal murders? Check. Stunning scenery? Check. Creepy Helghast dudes bent on destroying everything and everyone? Check. New awesome weapons and cinematic explosions? Check and check. It's like getting involved in a really long movie that you can't stop watching.

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Ninver2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Hell yeah! i'm in Australia and i just got my KZ3 copy in the mail. I'm glad to say i got it two days earlier :)

Death to the ISA scum!

showtimefolks2798d ago

its awesome ave fun

showtimefolks add me if you want to play in a clan

Bear_Grylls2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Good score.

I didn't get that impression it would score so high from the Beta but I will have to play the full game before I decide.

Handy thing having a friend that owns a video shop, he will start playing tomorrow and so will I.


Bear_Grylls2798d ago

Youn can disagree with ones impression of a BETA now???

awesomeperson2798d ago

I just realised I had 1 new message on the answering machine and it was EBgames calling to say that the street date was broken and the game was available for pickup 1 day early.

It was passed closing time when I heard the message :(

clearelite2798d ago

Getting my copy Thursday, can't wait. REALLY amazing with the Move IMO...

CBaoth2798d ago

It feels solid in your hand, not flimsy. With both devices firmly in place, it has a good bit of weight. My hands tend to shake so the Move by itself is too jittery for me to consider MP. Obviously, that's gone now as the peripheral stabilizes the reticle against my shoulder and both arms. All the extra buttons on the gun work great especially the trigger (I was a bit hesitant of plastic working buttons and their durability).

The only downside to the Sharpshooter is the collective price ($160) for the whole package. Also, look to get an upper body workout as I got spent after the 3rd Warzone. lol I had to reposition my knee on the coffee table to rest my arm on it to continue playing.

clearelite2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Haha, yeah, I am still looking into which peripheral I might purchase to go along with Killzone 3 and other upcoming games. Thanks for sharing your experience, it may help me make a more informed decision. I picked up my copy today and it rocks. I have other things I would like to buy, so the sharpshoter attachment may be an eventual purchase. How are you getting along with it lately?

Jazz41082798d ago

Got it yesterday and its just ok as far as the campaign goes. Its verey glitchy as far as enimes dissapearing and falling through walls. Its very orange and the story line is meiocore at best. Bulletstorm on the other hand is a blast to play but glitchy as I have gotten stuck in it a few times.

Ifone2798d ago

Yeah sure, try better...,

Talking about the story after few minutes, talking about meh graphics on other thread when not a single game on your console of choice (the only one you have) can't compete, even on cut scenes, just [email protected] blind fanboy :)

claterz2798d ago

Postman just came but he had no Killzone 3 :(
Oh well I'll definitely have it tomorrow so thats still a day early ! gonna be awesome!!

girlwithturn2798d ago

Хороший обзор.

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