Epic: Huge Gears of War 3 announcement coming tomorrow

GM writes: Rod Fegusson, Gears of War 3′s producer’s confirmed that a “big” announcement regarding the game will be made tomorrow.

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psb2820d ago

and the game's release date and I'll be fine.

seinfan2820d ago

That wouldn't seem like "big" news.

vsr2820d ago

PS3 or NGP version !!!!

starchild2820d ago

Haha...Gears of War will never appear on the PS3 or NGP.

kreate2820d ago

gears of war can appear on the ps3.
its not impossible. its just unlikely.

gears of war is not owned by microsoft.

gamer20102820d ago

Let's just say that it is unlikely to the point of basically being impossible. I think those of you waiting for Gears of War on the PS3 are going to be waiting a very, very long time. Gears of War and Xbox are practically synonymous and I bet anything that Microsoft would do whatever it takes to always keep it exclusive.

gamingdroid2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

That and the fact that Gears of War 3 is published by MS. We all know what happened to the original Mass Effect.

So in short, Gears of War as an IP might come to the PS3 in another form, but Gears of War 3 is very unlikely to the point of you more likely to win the lottery.

... but hey, it doesn't hurt to hope!

DragonWarrior2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

what makes you 360 dudes think we want Gears of War on the ps3 anyways? LMAO!

DelbertGrady2820d ago

@DragonWarrior - Killzone 3.

kreate2820d ago


uh.. i think gears of war 1 and 2 is published by Microsoft. not 3.

the contract ended with 1 and 2.
epic is free to do what they want from this point onwards.

gamingdroid2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Because vsr a few comments above asked for it? DUH!

Gears of War 3 is published by MS. Quick Google Search:

"Publisher Microsoft and developer Epic Games announced today that Gears of War 3 has been bumped back to holiday 2011, giving the designers roughly seven additional months to work on the game."


DigitalRaptor2819d ago

I'm not silly enough to believe it's gonna happen, but a PS3 version is not out of the question for definite. Microsoft will kick up a fuss, but Epic owns the IP and are not wholly dependant of Microsoft.

@ Starchild - that's what people said about BioShock and Mass Effect.

@ gamingdroid - as it stands, the 360 version of the game is published by Microsoft. If Epic wants to make a PC or PS3 version, they could. None have been released yet and license agreements may not be finalised. If Microsoft doesn't publish it on those 2 platforms, someone else might.

It's not impossible. I'm surprised Microsoft doesn't have a stronger hold on Epic and the Gears franchise.

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WildArmed2820d ago

Yay, I hope it's a beta too <3

I wonder if they'll bring back GeOW to PC this time around?

multipayer2820d ago

All I can do, is buy Bulletstorm on PC and cross my fingers. But Epic needs to make something awesome in DX11 if they want to stay a major graphics competitor...

eggbert2820d ago

they are moving the release date earlier?

tobysims2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I think the holiday release was just a place holder. Microsoft said they have some big titles up their sleeves. I think Kingdoms is a higher profile game to Microsoft for this year and god knows what else.

Visari2820d ago

PS3 version confirmed!

MintBerryCrunch2820d ago

"fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me
fool me again.....HERP DERP"

............................. ....George Dubya

Bluemaster772820d ago

Its Gears Baby OOOOO YEEAA ( Cole Train Voice)

josephayal2820d ago

Looks like Gears is coming to Nintendo Wii and Ps3

starchild2820d ago

I can see you PS3 guys really want it bad.

Slimshadyn2820d ago

Why wouldn't they? Its a great series and I would love it to come to the PS3. When it comes to games the more the merrier.

WildArmed2820d ago

Exactly, it's a good thing when the PS3-only or Wii-only owners want the game.
Only shows that the game is quality.

But I can't wait to hear what they are announcing tomorrow..


DigitalRaptor2819d ago

It would be great to have it, yes!

But it's certainly not ranking anywhere near as high as others on my 2011 wishlist.

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