Gaming Everything - Top 10 best-looking PS3 exclusives this gen pre-Killzone 3

Mitch from Gaming Everything writes: "The much-anticipated Killzone 3 launched today, hailed for its sweeping presentation, challenging gameplay, deep online multiplayer, and not least of all, stunning visuals. Killzone 3 definitely surpasses expectations yet again as far as graphics go. To honor Killzone 3′s release, let’s look back at the top 10 best-looking PS3 exclusives this gen pre-Killzone 3."

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Slimshadyn2821d ago

Glad R&C got some love. A Crack in Time looked awesome and was a ton of fun like every other R&C.

Dart892821d ago

Played every game on that list except heavy rain.

MitchGE2821d ago

It's a fantastic game, and there's nothing else like it this gen. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. Try the demo on PSN to be sure!

xer02821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I enjoyed God of War 3 so much, that I still play it every now and then!
Good list :)

josephayal2821d ago

Maybe the best looking games of this Gen?

waterboy2821d ago

not a maybe, but ofcourse a certain group of nerds would dissagree

Calm Down Sunshine2821d ago

What a title.

Awesome list, I still get that same feeling of awe everytime I go back to playing God of War 3.

HeavenlySnipes2821d ago

looking game. IDK why people say UC2. Look at this

Downtown boogey2821d ago

I think GoWIII is the best looking game even AFTER Killzone 3.

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