Killzone 3 is good, but will never be much more

Review Matic: "That’s right! I’m starting off by pissing off and alienating people right away. I’ve spent a few hours now with Killzone 3 and don’t hate it. I actually like a lot about it, but my eyes caught a lot of odd mistakes for a flagship title. Sony originally marketed Killzone as a Halo killer much to the chagrin of fan boys and psychotic flamers alike. Killzone sold well enough for a sequel but was extremely broken, in the sequel there was redemption then more failure with falsified screenshots."

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joeyisback2793d ago

i like kz3 story only problem took me 5 hrs to beat on reg mode which they could of made it a longer game thats the thing i dislike the story is to short

DualConsoleOwner2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

it is terribly written first of all..

and second of all, it criticize Killzone for most ridiculous sh*tz..

i mean gun sounds??? LoL for real?? Beta and demo were out for a while AND NO ONE mentioned having problem not liking gun sounds..

and they sound exactly gun sounds in video games..

And "the franchise was directly stolen from Mamoru Osshi" Lol... what??

can you find more stupid sh*t to rip on a game??

LOGICWINS2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

To be complain about virtually everything. Pretty much every comment I've seen from you is negative. Just sayin'

Kon2793d ago

This isn't a review, can't you read?

OdinFallen2793d ago

Is your name just a facade to hide your true fanboy intentions and agenda? Just wondering.

darthv722792d ago

it is like saying an apple is good but it will never be much more. That is by design or creation it is what it is. It could be used differently to make pies or put in a salad or made into juice.

Those are examples of what you could do with an apple but right off the is just an apple.

Ok..I know that may be a bit strange to dig but it makes sense (from one pov or another). KZ3 is a good game and it continues the story set forth by KZ2 and KZ1. It isnt likely to be transformed into a racing game or RPG but that doesnt mean what GG achieved in making this game couldnt be used for other types.

Straight forward shooter is nothing bad. We have countless of those but what sets each apart is the way it pulls the player into the role of the main character. The story of this series is pretty good and better than some.

There needs to be more story driven games like this and other notable ones as well. Kind of like a movie. If it is all action and no substance then it goes nowhere. But with the right balance of both, you get a movie worthy of a sequel.

nycrekid2792d ago

This article sucks, and will never be any good.

Anyone can do this article on the internet thing. It's so easy a caveman can do it.

AAACE52792d ago

@DualConsoleOwner... Technically, since that's one of the selling points that all the fanboys talk about... You know, having superior sound and graphics due to CELL and Bluray... it is kinda a reason to complain!

I don't care either way! I played Killzone 1 and 2. Played the beta and demo of Killzone 3 and have just finally accepted that Killzone games just aren't for me!

Don't hate though, cause I feel the same way about Halo games... except for the first one!

pangitkqb2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Well, that was the worst thing I have read on N4G in a while...and this is N4G! And not to bash N4G, there are occssionally some great pieces on here.

This one wasn't. This was terrible. I mean freakin' ridiculous. Bad comparisons, poor justification for opinions stated, and a general lack of understanding of what constitutes quality in a game. The writer rages that KZ3's AI is bad...when it is generally acknowledged industry wide for impressive AI. It's not perfect, but jeez? Have you played CoD?

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HardcoreGamer2793d ago

Killzone 1 was ok but didnt live upto expectations. although it was very good and had a strong online

although the title sais that killzon 3 wont be much more.. well that is already bogus. so the article is already wrong.

KRATOS-PS32793d ago

When Killzone 3 is only good!? What is COD then, for years always the same with new story and same old engine. I think Killzone is something for real people who actually cherish what GG did with this amazing game.

RedDead2792d ago

Cod is also only good. Cod 4 was great, 4 years ago. Repeating it year after year with minor imrovements(really not improvements) just made it worse. These days the formula still works, it's a good game now though nothing more. Killzone 3 is not trying to be amazing in anything except the graphics(consoles). So it's just another good shooter. Same with Halo imo. Also a good shooter. Worth the money and fun to play.

KRATOS-PS32792d ago

I can't agree with you. I think there are miles between COD and Killzone 3. When you say COD is only good too, you mean that Killzone 3 is also "only good". Well, the visuals are very impressive related to all current platforms. Not only on consoles. And Killzone 3 does more than just looking good. What I've played and seen is way ahead in comparison to most FPS at the moment.

bageara2792d ago

if only took you 5 hours on reg mode you obviously should be playing on the harder difficulty. i always play games on the hardest difficulty

Maddens Raiders2792d ago just goes to show anyone with a go daddy acct, a hyperbolic title & the mind of a 6 yr old can grace the cover of n4g. Get this piss poor attempt @ comedy out of my face.

andron2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I can't wait to play it, it's in the post. I really hope it's not any shorter than KZ2 though.

And the connection with Jin-Roh has been mentioned many times before. They both have been inspired by Nazis and WWII imagery.

And I doubt there are that many glitches in KZ3, there weren't many in KZ2.

I'm a KZ fan and have played all the games, so I know there is more to the story than this person thinks...

Edit: And I can recommend Jin-Roh. It's a great dark and serious anime movie.

Don't bother reading this dubious "article", the author clearly thinks it's a review though, giving it an 8. With all the negatives he's writing that's an odd score...

HolyOrangeCows2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Just your run of the mill popsicle stand site.

"falsified screenshots"

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Visari2793d ago

"Killzone 3 picks up where 2 left off, in a never ending Nazi space war."

No need to give this desperate site any hits. He complains about a game that he knows nothing about.

Pandamobile2793d ago

Implying Killzone isn't space nazis?

MintBerryCrunch2793d ago


da fuk is pathing?

HeavenlySnipes2792d ago

so we can all prove you wrong.

DelbertGrady2793d ago

"For those of you who don’t know, the stars of the Killzone franchise are stolen directly from Mamoru Osshi. The Helghast are actually space Kerberos who are Japanese Nazi police. If you’re interested in a much cooler story in film format check out Jin Roh."

More like you complaining about something you know nothing about.

evrfighter2793d ago

i saw jin-roh back in 2003-2004'ish. Ya Helghast are direct rip-offs. I've been waitin for awhile for someone to bring that up.

Raf1k12792d ago

They do look pretty much the same but you have to admit it's a rather cool design. I personally don't mind people ripping off ideas as long as they don't turn them into something crap. The Helghast are awesome so it's OK with me just as Darksiders is a rip-off of GoW, Zelda and Arthas but works.

Maddens Raiders2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

umm....welcome to a conversation had here in 2006-07. OLD news & someone taking something & adding to it (for better or worse) thru artistic license is not "ripping off" long as it's statistically different from the original idea/concept.

see: Mark Zuckerburg; NFL offenses/defenses, the lot of your favorite movies, etc, et al...

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DigitalRaptor2793d ago

Another ignorant & pathetic attempt to try and rain on Sony and Guerilla's latest achievement.

Don't bother with this garbage!

Nightshadow2793d ago

oh this guy is going to stir up the hornets nest.

Alpha_Gamer2793d ago

Meh. After pouring my entire day and night into the Multiplayer, I just don`t care what anyone says anymore. The game is amazing, and everyone online is having a blast. The best game I`ve played so far this year.