Crysis 2 demo, dedicated servers, and preorder news

An info roundup of Crysis 2 news, including dedicated servers, preorder bonuses, and demo info.

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Op242848d ago

What system is the demo for? I didn't see it in the article..

Redman222848d ago

Cry2 for consoles gets that tasty P2P crap.

alien6262848d ago

cant wait for this game iam getting it for 37.99!!

ElVeneno2848d ago

Please tell me how? where?

alien6262846d ago

actually no where i just used my $20 gift card that amazon gave me for buying killzone 3 and i applied it to crysis...i think it was $57.99 when down to 37.99 add $.99 for shipping so everything cost me 38.98

Op242847d ago

I love how I got disagrees for asking a question. LOL

gamer20102848d ago

I already knew about this stuff. I can't wait though.

bwazy2848d ago

Fuck! Those pre-order items look realllllly tempting. Don't know if I should bite the bullet or not D:

I'll wait for the PC demo, play the crap out of it and them make my decision! :)

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