Ex-Microsoft Employee Johnny Lee Funded Kinect Hack

Johnny Lee, famous for creating the Wii head tracking hack 3 years ago and who was subsequently hired by Microsoft to work on the Kinect project, has admitted to secretly funding the contest to get Kinect running on PC's. Citing initial frustration with Microsoft's unwillingness to allow even basic PC support, Lee contacted AdaFruit who set up the content.

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GSpartan7772819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Well it would someone makes sense. There is no point to have the Kinect be an open device and not have Windows support as a MS product.

Warprincess1162819d ago

MS did not want kinect on the pc. See this is why i don't like hackers. They always breaking the rules and don't care about anything.

Legion2818d ago

In no way did this elude that MS did not want Kinect on PC. It basically stated that they weren't pushing to fund support from MS on PC related application.

From what I have read MS has since launch supported the hackers and modders in their ventures to use kinect in new and innovative ways.

They just initially felt they should concentrate on the console function that they had created the device to be used with. I see no issue with this and still see that they support the modding community in all that we do.

"Microsoft officially announces support for Windows Drivers for the Kinect Camera as a free download in the Spring." this statement alone shows their support for PC use. Though some think it might have came too late. I totally understand the reasoning behind MS focusing directly on the XBox 360 use only.

B1663r2818d ago

Im gonna have a laugh when Kinect XNA launches and there is an app store landrush on the xbox.

gamingdroid2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Ironically, hacking produced something and MS embraced it!

Companies should accept hacking, and embrace it. Encourage hacking and try to creatively monetize it.

Nitrowolf22818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

um what? I Heard MS always wanted to have it for PC but decided not to at the moment of release. Like Legion said it was for mainly Console. And the fact that MS is deciding to release a PC driver for it shows that they wanted it on PC.

they said eventually they will bring it over, i don't think they just decided this in just one day, i am sure they had it in mind before.

Also people think this will enable Kinect games on PC, From my understanding there is no 360 emulator for PC. Just because it's a Kinect game it still uses the 360 to play.

FantasyStar2818d ago

I don't agree with your links. The timestamps are shown AFTER the homebrew devs had their way with Kinect. And the ex-employee's blog definitely implies that Microsoft didn't have plans to support it until after everything blew over. Only reason Microsoft embraces it now is to prevent a "sony" from happening.

Nitrowolf22818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

sorry about the links here one way far back
according to this link they wanted a similar product on PC. So it was def. being thought up for him to say something like that. Even if it wasn't for Kinect, the idea of a camera that does the same but for PC was still being thought.

This is much different then the Sony issue. Here you just have people making a driver that makes Kinect work on PC, this does not make any games or exploit anything on the 360 itself. It more of serves as a Camera but much more advance then the standard webcams. Whereas with Sony you can have hacks, pirating, possible breach of other users info, ect.

FantasyStar2818d ago

Okay, I'll give that one to you. I wouldn't word it as "always wanted" it though. Especially given the tone of the Ex-MS employee Johnny Lee. But I will agree that the idea was there and it could've been a foundation for Kinect later in time. Why it was brushed aside is anyone's guess. Money? Man-power? Deadlines? Who knows..

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