Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Dragon Age II Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes"Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! This week RPG powerhouse developer BioWare has brought the demo for their upcoming game Dragon Age II to the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. We love BioWare RPG's, so as expected we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into this demo. One things for sure, the demo was amazing, but we still have to ask that "Age" old question - which version should you be saving your hard earned cash for?"

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come_stains2794d ago

Damn now that's how it's done...

jriquelme_paraguay2794d ago

360 beter textures, but with jaggies...
PS3 better AA...

Is like Fallout New Vegas, but , inverse

Kalipekona2794d ago

I've played both versions and here's what I saw:

The 360 version looks sharper, the PS3 version looks blurrier.

The PS3 version has slightly less noticeable jaggies, probably due to the overall blurrier image quality, but this is hardly noticeable.

The 360 version has more detail in the textures.

The 360 version had better contrast and richer colors.

So, out of my consoles I would definitely pick this up for my 360. But I am getting it for the PC anyway.

kancerkid2794d ago

Doesn't look like a big deal either way. If they perform the same, based on the current evidence, would buy it for either system.

come_stains2794d ago


hahah that's funny man...

ChrisW2794d ago

You can see the jaggies on the 360 because it probably isn't using motion blur as well as the PS3. But for some strange reason I always turn motion blur off, even on PC games. So... honestly... I don't care.

AndrewRyan2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

360 version is clearly better. Not by much but only a fanboy would disagree that it is the same or worse.

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HardcoreGamer2794d ago

i kind of dont beleive lense of truth, they are blatant liars in some of their articles. and its not the first time. so i dont trust em anumore

2794d ago
Kalipekona2794d ago

He has no proof. He just doesn't like the results that often show the 360 versions outperforming the PS3 versions. Any site that does comparisons will be labeled that way by PS3 fanboys because the truth is that 360 versions tend to be the better versions much of the time. This doesn't sit well with people that only own a PS3.

Oh well, the truth is the truth.

nskrishna22794d ago

Sam i am

We've already established that you are from Lens of Truth back when your website screwed up comparision of ME2 on both the systems. So, you were saying? Your website isn't trustworthy anymore..that is all..

HardcoreGamer2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

actually some of the guys mentioned on lens of truth, the actual editors. that blazblue plays better on the 360 pad than a ps3 pad..the guys argued with ppl for the most obvious bias ever. that is why i dont beleive them. and i own all 3 systems. and i am not even going to lie. ps3 is bringing the craziest games.

i understand how you could say that about me and my statement about LOT. so its all cool.

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RudeSole Devil2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )


Could you have made your comment a little shorter dude? WOW.

2794d ago
FailOverHero2794d ago

I summon the ancient power of Wall Of Text! That was like reading an article.
So are you saying the 360 version does in fact not look better darkride?

just_the_tip2794d ago


Actually darkride66 is in love with one of the LOT staff members..

Legion2794d ago


You had some arguements that were pointing in the right direction as being possibly valid. Until I read this remark from you..."and even then the majority of professional review scores seem to indicate that the PS3 versions come out on top more often then not". You do realise that when it comes to multi-platform games that the majority of reviews do NOT favor PS3. But maybe you are reffering to professional as any site that favors PS3???

I think LOT could probably do themselves a service by posting the pictures as is without a score or comment themselves. Let the masses look at the TRUTH and grade it. Why say one has missing textures over the other when we can see it ourselves?

Some of these screens I preffered one console over the other.... but in other screens I thought the opposite. But basically it is a mute point in that both are relatively the same.

ChrisW2794d ago

I agree with Darkride66, LOT more than likely does "cherry pick" their screen shots. It's nitpicky, but hey! LOT needs their hits.

hackersdelight2794d ago

yea you way off. LOT has always told the truth and I usually get the same results as them

starchild2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )


"but comparisons are done for only a handful of multiplats released every year - and even then the majority of professional review scores seem to indicate that the PS3 versions come out on top more often then not. Do we really believe that hundreds of reviews are wrong and that LOT are the only ones that caught on to this, or doesn't it make more sense that maybe LOT is the odd man out?"

The nonsense in this paragraph draws into question your ability to reason in general and makes suspect whatever else you say. Frankly speaking, what you are arguing here is absurdly irrational.

Do you really think that graphical differences between multiplatform games are going to be reliably reflected in review scores? This is, on the face of it, absurd.

Let's take Call of Duty: Black Ops as an example. On Metacritic the PS3 version has an 88, the 360 version has an 87, and the PC version has an 81.

As anyone who has played the different versions knows, graphically the PC version is the best, followed by the 360 version, with the PS3 version coming in last. That is to say, exactly the opposite order of the review scores.

Nobody in their right mind would argue that the PS3 version looked better than the PC version just because it has a higher Metacritic score.

I can give countless examples where on Metacritic the PS3 version has the same (or higher) score as the 360 version but has provably worse graphics or performance.

Just to give another example, Red Dead Redemption has the same Metacritic score of 95 on both PS3 and 360. Yet analysis done by multiple sources shows that the PS3 version is plainly inferior.

In short, your argument is bunk.

NeoBasch2794d ago

Would someone explain to me why darkride66's comment was marked as off topic, when everything he says has to do with the validity of these claims being thrown around? Unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't that make him on topic?

I mean, seriously, I too am skeptical of anyone with one bubble, but everything he states here is completely logical and could be backed up if given enough time and effort. I see nothing to disagree with here. Even on the multiplat argument.

Don't believe me? Look what they wrote up for Vanquish:

A game that performs vastly better on PS3 in terms of graphics, and, you know, actual gameplay. Yet they mark them as identical? wtf?!?

Or Dead Space:

I mean even if they were identical, which I have a hard time believing after the original, Dead Space 2 comes free with Extraction straight out of the box. Yet, two of the staff give the 360 version the edge because of the controller... for a survival horror game? Really? I mean, really?!? *imagines playing Silent Hill or Fatal Frame with the Xbox controller* Really? -_-

Or how 'bout Medal of Honor, which came with Frontlines. Again most sided with the 360 version, which is understandable. I too favor the 360 when it comes to First Person Shooters. But wow, just wow. Their own screenshots clearly show PS3 has the edge, yet they say PS3 has far more jaggies, which later photos prove to be false. Not to mention, they could've just turned the contrast up if they didn't want the PS3 to look so muddied. By the way, my version of the game (PS3) looks nothing like theirs. They must've tweaked with the settings.

I'll wait for more honest feedback. Thank you very much.

Achemki2794d ago

Pack mentality. Notice that every LOT thread has the same 3-5 usernames high-fiving eachother and saying how awesome LOT is. Check their post history & most only post in LOT articles. Have a difference of opinion and you'll start to get PMs and antagonised. Buncha reports en masse follow and it's buh-bye bubble or buh-bye post lol. So transparent.

the_fox002793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I love when people try and play internet detective on a social gaming news site. Will you ever have any proof that there are N4G members who work for LOT? No you won't so stop being dumb. I just signed up a few days ago, let me guess, I work there too. I only comment on LOT articles, blah, blah, blah. This site is funny! Get a life Columbo!!!

Achemki is mad because he was banned from LOT for being an idiot. Darkride66 is in love with an LOT staff member and the site itself, he writes novels every time an LOT post pops up.

NeoBasch WTF are you talking about? I'm sure the contrast is turned up on PS3 games to make the system look bad, I mean how dumb are you? Also, wait all you want, you won't get more honest feedback then the way LOT serves it to you. Thank you very much.

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Baron792794d ago

Nice one looks like the Xbox 360 wins this one.

paintsville2794d ago

360 wins this comparison.

matt_hooper2794d ago

It's still early ChristianGamer, BioWare may have fixed alot of the issues in the retail version. Let's hope they did anyway.

edwineverready2794d ago

Like the slider to see the differences.

just_the_tip2794d ago

I agree but I like the lens feature the best. No other comparison has that feature. Nice touch. Anyway the Xbox 360 version kick the PS3 ass.

Darkfocus2794d ago

the lens feature is the worst tool imo...the best way for a comparison is to see both at once or to switch back and forth between images in the same location...

hackersdelight2794d ago

i think the ps3 looks better are you boy blind

the_fox002794d ago

Damn, nice comparison. 360 for the win on this one. Played the ps3 demo today, looked like it was dropping frames or something.

Shogun Master2794d ago

I noticed that too. I was wondering if something was wrong with my system. Good to know its okay.

Kalipekona2794d ago

It's true. This comparison is pretty accurate. I played both versions myself and the PS3 version does have more slowdown.

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