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If ever there was a shooter that so ambitiously blended Hollywood motion picture special effects with an insurmountable amount of raw gameplay action, Killzone 3 would be among the standard bearers. A colossal experience that causes all your senses to do work overtime, never before has a shooter so intensively kept you in the center of it’s crosshairs, marinating you in the true essence of desperation and survival.

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edwineverready2820d ago

Why is KZ3 being released on the 25th in europe WHYYYYYY!!!!

MerkinMax2820d ago

The game was great! So many cool levels and set-pieces. I can't give my completely honest opinion on the game until I play through again on Elite, then I'll know exactly what I think of this game.

edwineverready2820d ago

Thanks now i am even more hyped!

MerkinMax2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I enjoyed the game so much that I just ordered this.

ChineseDemocracy2819d ago

Just picked it up today...

Anyone who gave this game under a 9 is on crack.

DigitalRaptor2819d ago

The game is clearly triple-A.

These negative reviewers are on something.

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bwazy2820d ago

Because the Helghast said so.

Thoreau2820d ago

a review that is true to the game.

silkrevolver2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I honestly don’t understand some of the 7’s given out to it. Btw, playing it with the move is super fun... I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for online, but campaign is awesome with it.

Anon19742820d ago

Yeah, I don't get it. I'm playing through this right now and in my opinion it's one of the finest FPS games I've ever played. Plays wonderfully, looks stunning - and I haven't even tried the online yet. And I remember reading a review that complained the split screen was "tacked on". Are you kidding me. The co-op split screen is fantastic. I wish more games would "tack on" co-op like this.

Can't wait to spend some serious time with this game online.

thehitman2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

the game was fun the entire 3hrs i played it until i YLOD original 60gig ps3 R.I.P DoB 1/2/2007

edwineverready2820d ago

aaah that sucks. Slims are very cheap now :)
Mine YLOD and i am really happy with my slim less sound and power usage. I had the option 150 euro repair 300 euro new slim. i choose the last.

bwazy2820d ago

So you wasted 150 bucks.... :\

I've owned several versions of the Slim and Fat and from my testing the PS3 slim is only slllliiiigggghhhttttllllly quieter than the fat. Not to mention that the Slim runs ALOT hotter...

But yes it does use less power...

edwineverready2820d ago

Well i spend the extra money because the slim is also more reliable.

karl2820d ago


so u have your ps3 since 2007?

thats four years and counting ... i have mine since 2008 i hope it doesnt ylod anytime soon.. specially while playing killzone 3..

RevXM2819d ago

Im sorry to hear that, it is the perfect console.
When my 60GB died it was the saddest day in my gaming history.

Maybe you could play Kz3 at your friends places or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.