Bulletstorm Review [Game Revolution]

"Bullets blazing, blasting and burning, breezingly buzzing like bees bound for bodies and brains and blowing up bombastically." ~ Blake Morse

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DigitalRaptor2822d ago

Sounds like a fair assessment!

"If you don't want to get tired of all the "gag reflex" and "mercy" Skillshots (shoot a guy in the balls, then shoot his head off), you're not going to want to run through this like most FPSs or else the monotony will catch up to you"

I can see people growing weary of this very quickly. More people will probably end up playing the Gears 3 Beta than the game itself.

samurailincoln2822d ago

My curiosity is peaked. Mebbe I'll gamefly this and play through the story.

Objective2822d ago

Played the demo. While refreshing, I'd still say Gears is my cuppa when it comes to shooters.

Koolaye2822d ago

haha good review, I had fun reading it.

stormeagle62821d ago

From what I played, it definitely seems like it could get repetitive. Like you'd go out of your way to do the more difficult skillshots once, then just use the same handful of simpler skillshots over and over.