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Hard Corps: Uprising is another game in the long running Contra series. This new game acts as prequel to Contra: Hard Corps and promises to deliver more action and mayhem.
Hard Corps: Uprising is a new age side-scrolling shooter in the vein of SNK’s Metal Slug series. This genre was at its peak during the 90s and has only made a comeback thanks to the accessibility for gamers to now download games online.

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ShadyDevil2792d ago

Game looks sick. Might have to pick it up.

HOSe2792d ago

isn't the risen mode in this game the easy mode?

jbl3162792d ago

In a way yes. But the game is still HARD. Risen mode just allows you to upgrade your character unlike in Arcade mode. But the AI and amount of enemies are still the same.

shaun mcwayne2792d ago

i loved the old contra/probotector games and this is no different plays great solo, 2 player is ace you can both run through levels. risen mode is a great addition. if your a fan of the old titles you wont be dissapointed.