Square Enix at the Xbox 360 Conference?

Finaland: As you may know, Microsoft is organizing a press conference about the Xbox360. Some staff members have distilled some Microsoft information on the web, and if we trust them, this conference will be very focused on the upcoming console titles.

Seems Square Enix will be attending the event, thanks to information retrieved by the FF-Reunion site on Twitter.

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iamtehpwn2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Probably to show off more of Final Fantasy XIII-2. After all, it's coming this year in Japan and we don't know what the thing even looks like outside of two new characters.

Dragun6192821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Maybe SE is going to reveal a Kinect game?

Can someone link me the actual tweet for this?

Thanks. I'm guessing this is a rumor.

sdtarm2821d ago

Please Write FF Versus XIII will go multiplat down here Thank you

Lavalamp2821d ago


This is the FF Reunion Twitter account, but it's all in Japanese. From the tweets I've tried to translate, none of them seemed to mention Microsoft, the 360, or a conference. Maybe someone else will have better luck than me trying to find the right tweet, cuz I gots nothin.

NMC20072821d ago

Maybe Gun Loco 2, you know Square, they like to announce sequels before the prequel is out.

YodaCracker2820d ago

Yeah, I'm sure they'll only be there to talk about "Gun Loco" three days before it comes out.

*rolls eyes*

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blumatt2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Look if Versus 13 goes multiplatform, that's fine, but please make sure it has towns, open world maps for exploring, side quests, airships, shops in those towns to buy stuff, card games (please bring back Triple Triad from FF 8 Please!!! lol). All that stuff was what made Final Fantasy so addicting and so long of a game and such a great experience.

Of course, I'd rather it stay exclusive so it can have as much content as possible via the bluray disc.

Ultraplayerxp2821d ago

Hey what can a single blu-ray do that 3-4 dvds can't hmmmm?

blumatt2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@ Ultraplayerxp
Well, there's a reason why in FF 13, you couldn't do any major exploring until the last disc. They didn't want people to have to keep swapping discs every time they explored to a certain place on the map, so they limited where you could explore. Also, it costs publishers more to publish multiple discs on the 360, which is why they try to keep it to one disc whenever possible, or two at the max, so 4 discs for a 360 FF game would never happen anyway.
Also, 50GB would take a minimum of 6 DVD9 discs by the way (6 times 9 is 54). 5 discs would only be 45GB. That's assuming a dual layer bluray disc is used, though. Devs. certainly aren't going to be making a 360 game with 6 discs. That would just be laughable.

A single disc is just much easier to work with. I also enjoy the scratch resistant material that bluray discs are made of. They're very scratch resistant. I even saw a guy on Youtube use a brillo pad on one and it still played just fine. Very impressive to me.

DigitalRaptor2821d ago

3-4 (max) DVD9s can store up to 30GB of data, which include redundant assets and DRM and security restrictions, for each disc.

A single Blu-ray can store up to 50GB of instantly accessible data, with no need for excessive compression and includes a scratch resistant layer.

Developers are much less likely to need to segment the game so that it can be on more than one disc. Multiple discs, especially in this generation, can lead to different and sometimes negative design choices, whether it's level design, story, pacing etc. Some developers are lucky and some just find cool ways to work around it. But a single Blu-ray offers a significant advantage.

Wait until the game comes out and you will see why!

radphil2821d ago

"Hey what can a single blu-ray do that 3-4 dvds can't hmmmm?"

Install a single file without disc switching.

Hey you wanted an answer, no specifics.

Masterchef20072820d ago

Not to mention the fact that rage also suffers in game design because of the 360s DVD format

Cant find the article but they said they needed to change the structure of the open world enviromnent in order to make it work across 2 DVDs.

Chaoshead2820d ago

with Lost Odyssey,TOV(5.7GB) and many open world RPG,only one reason for FF13 is linear:SE SUCKS

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life doomer2821d ago ShowReplies(1)
SquareEnixFan2821d ago

Probably will be stuff we already know about but that won't stop me from getting my hopes up for something new.

Stealth20k2821d ago

its probably going to be gun loco (shitty published exclusive)

and ff 13-2 a great game multiplat

FailOverHero2821d ago

I'm envious that you have had early access to unreleased and unfinished games...I mean thats how you know the quality of those games right?

Infernostew2821d ago

Why does SE even bother? They are so far out of touch with their fanbase. It's quite pathetic.

Lamarthedancer2821d ago

Tell me about it...

We say a FF7 remake....they give us a sequel to the worst FF game to date

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