How Dead Space 2 redefines popular narrative-based game design

Dead Space 2 conveys in-game information in surprising and interesting ways. And within pop-culture it may be the most important narrative-based game yet created.

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anasurimbor2821d ago

Call me an ass, but I really didn't like Dead Space 2's narrative, and found it to be a pretty big distraction. This is mainly due to my love for the first game, and it being devoid of protagonist dialogue and forced "Isaac is going crazy over his girlfriend ahhh" scenes.

wallis2821d ago

I agree actually. The first one had a familiarly simply scenario with a strong and clear direction throughout the entire game culminating in a foreseeable but still enjoyable conclusion. Despite this however there was still plenty of depth in the background universe that was there to be enjoyed should you choose to do a little homework.

The second one however seemed to suffer from modern warfare 2 syndrome. i.e. they just strung together a bunch of pretty cool set pieces and made the narrative afterwards. Everything is just setpiece after setpiece and I never really know why I'm doing anything, or where the necromorphs came from.

Sure flying through space with jets on my feet is kick ass, but seriously who the f*ck is Teidman, why the hell am i going towards the marker? And why is Isaac Clarke the single most boring human being to ever exist in the history of man? Didn't he just endure the worst experience anyone could ever endure, so why is he acting like if Peter Parker had a lobotomy?

ShinFuYux2821d ago

This game really didn't put much effort in telling the story in a comprehensible form. Pretty much, you have go out your way to read the comics, watch the animated movies and play these side games to actually inform yourself of what happen between Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

The game itself also lacked that intriguing story, it felt like it was more like it a "latched on story" that took advantage of the mysterious "marker" and "uniontology" mystery, rather than expanding it. If anything, if I just quickly thought out what exactly I did in Dead Space 2; I just simply followed random people's orders, talked to random people (who apparently knew me and hates me in the game), the only way to actually know the main story was through these notes that you randomly found in the game. But most of those notes, you had to go out of your way to find them in the game, rather than being there easily accessible.

I love this game but I wouldn't call this game a master piece.