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Smacktard2820d ago

Wow, he called the Biggoron sword BAD? That's just plain wrong.

Also, "The story tells us that it's a sword that never breaks. Know what other swords never break? All of them. Literally every other sword in the game."

WRONG. There's one sword in the game the same size as the Biggoron sword that breaks after so many swings -- the Giant's Knife/Sword.

Other than that, good article.

NickN4G2820d ago

They need to bring back the masks from Majora's mask that gave you special abilities. The SNES and N64 Zelda games were so much better than the Gamecube / Wii Zelda's which is why I'm worried about the next one. It could be great or a total let down.

kramun2820d ago

Any Zelda can be a letdown. It's the greatest game series known to man.

ReservoirDog3162820d ago

I did love WW though. Twilight Princess killed* it with those spiders. Struggled to get through those things. Too realistic...

Ayer992819d ago

I thought TP was perfect realistically. It helped get that creepy feeling to sink in.

ReservoirDog3162819d ago

Haha, yes but if you look through my comment history you'll see I'm a coward when it comes to spiders. And those were pretty sick in TP.

2820d ago