Ys I & II Chronicles "Very Good" - RPG Land review

"Chronicles has everything an Ys game should: Excellent music, fast action, and great boss fights. Allow me to tell you again about the music – I cannot stop listening to it. I am listening to it as I type this. The music is that good. The rest of the game may not be up to levels of Oath or Seven, but the game is an overall decent time and a great recommendation for Ys fans. For everyone else, it’s a quick, fun game to play with a good challenge level, provided you are open to exploration."
-Russ Ritchey

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MelonieMac2822d ago

This is exciting. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs, and I'm happy to hear the praise associated with this one.

imoutofthecontest2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yeah. I just wonder how the mainstream will react to the bump system.

knifefight2821d ago

Bump System is the only system.

imoutofthecontest2821d ago

Edit: Gah double comment, sorry. WTF at all the error pages today?

kevco332821d ago

Never got into the Ys series, despite being told I'd love it...

Redempteur2821d ago

my psp is just too packed with rpgs lately ..i really need some time to try these "chronicles"

specialguest2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

This game brings back memories. I had it on the TG16 CD, and later bought the remake for PC. The PC version was called Ys I & II Complete. It allowed players to switch to the original soundtrack, which is argubly one of greatest underrated video game soundtrack for it's time. For the old schoolers, lets hope the PSP version has this option.

imoutofthecontest2821d ago

It does. It has a new Chronicles version, the original version, and the "PC-88" version readily available for switching at the push of just a couple buttons :)