onAXIS: Thoughts on the Network

onAXIS shares what they think should be done with the PSN:


* Keep Bringing in them 4-5 Demos a Week. Even 3 would be good.
* Don't update only on Thursday, that gives us a long to wait, constant updates like Live would be nice. That way, instead of having to wait so long, we will come on one day and say "Hey, look, a new demo" or "Hey, new behind the scenes."

Firmware 2.00

* In firmware 2.00, include an update were the old PlayStation Store gets removed and it installs a new PlayStation Store that is not on a web page and is easier to access archived content and such, with a newer sleeker design.
* In firmware 2.00, give us that themes update that the PSP got, and make themes downloadable from the PlayStation Store, along with something that lets you make your own.

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HeartlesskizZ4134d ago

XMB is something I demand Sony to do ASAP. also When the heck are we getting firmware 2.0 or will there be more 1.?

Kleptic4134d ago

TGS was the perfect chance to make an announcement about it...but instead, we got was such an awesome show...

Warhawk has no messaging system right now...a sure sign that xmb 2.0 will include some in game stuff...its just still a matter of when...probably early October if I had to make a guess...around when Home was rumored to launch before the delay...

Rama262854134d ago

Agree with all the points made. Hopefully these features come soon as they'll make the PS3 experience MUCH more enjoyable! I especially want to be able to clean up all my downloaded games and demo's with folders, as well as my videos...

HeartlesskizZ4134d ago

yep, also those fan art of the future PSN should be in mind, they were great

FlamePhoenix4134d ago

What I really want is in-game chat and in-game music. Why dont they just make an in-game XMB? All of my wishes will come true. And if sony wants to compete with XBL, then they should make a Home open beta this year.

deannpg4134d ago

I like that they release all the new PSN content every Thursday. It's something you look forward to and all the gaming sites list it which is good for publicity! And they are finally releasing a lot of demos!

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