HBG’s Helghast Edition Unboxing Video

It’s no secret that we here at HBG love Killzone 3. If you read our review, you’d understand why! If you haven’t checked out our review, why not give her a look. Anyways, we decided to treat everyone to an unboxing of the Helghast edition of Killzone 3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. I think you’re going to like this one.

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xDSJxPyro4896d ago

DEFINITELY A GUN, DEFINITELY! Sony would be proud.

mathew934896d ago

I had to watch the video a second time to figure out that that isn't a real ISA agent. The armor and gun is just so real!

CrzyFooL4896d ago

hahah Teabagging the helghast FTW.

SexCells4896d ago

That ISA armor is first class, I'd imagine that the Helghast are pretty terrified.

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20 Years of Guerrilla: The Story of a PlayStation Studio

The Amsterdam-based studio reflects on its humble beginnings, beloved franchises, and growth through the years.

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SullysCigar437d ago

Up there with the top tier in the industry. Love Guerrilla Games - Horizon Burning Shores is simply STUNNING.

1Victor437d ago

Can’t wait for their next franchise

SullysCigar437d ago

Same. They nailed it with Horizon. The trouble is I also want a new Killzone! Can't I just have it all?!

jznrpg437d ago

I’m with you I want Horizon 3 , Killzone and new IPs

badz149436d ago

I have yet to play Burning Shores as I just started Forbidden West (bought at launch, just unwrapped last weekend LOL) and playing on PS5.

man...I still can't believe the graphics especially now I'm playing it on my LG OLED. that graphics and with stable performance backing it up, GG really is the master of their craft!

Vengeance1138437d ago

32.7M sales in the Horizon franchise! With 8.4M coming from Forbidden West alone! Truly a hugely successful game and franchise as a whole. Looking forward to Horizon III

Shane Kim437d ago

That's kind of a huge drop though. It's only been two games.

VersusDMC437d ago

One year after realease HZD sold 7.6 million.


So not a drop off.

Unless you're saying a HFW should have sold as much now as HZD sold in 5 years?

Vengeance1138437d ago

It's been 3 games, this includes Call of the Mountain. Also no, its a great improvement over HZD.