DLC: The good, the bad, and the ugly | Digitally Downloaded

DLC is a good thing for the industry. Given how difficult publishers and developers have found the market of late, DLC opens up an opportunity for additional revenue from their games, and consumers win because they will now be able to get more out of their favourite games.

But not all DLC is born equal. Some is good, some is bad, some should never happen.

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bwazy2890d ago

I personally believe theres a difference between DLC and DLC that was omitted for the sake of it being DLC. Theres nothing more annoying and infuriating, than buying a $60 game on release day, only to find out that when you check the PSN Store/360 Marketplace/ Steam, that theres already 5+ pieces of DLC marked at $5 each. Its nothing but a total rip off. They could have easily included the content for the consumers, but they know its an elaborated scheme to make extra cash.

The brighter side of this is when Bioware released ME2 for PS3 and included allllll (except the final) mission addons.... However, it still cost as much as a new game, where as you could get the 360 and PC versions without the extra content, for a mere 20 dollars or less...