Crysis 2 Limited Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) $57.99 with $10 Amazon credit

Conflicting Gamers, "A few days ago we posted a nice little deal was having, offering $10 off the $59.99 price for Crysis 2 making it $49.99 shipped. Well Amazon now has a similar deal and somewhat better if you don’t mind the $10 promotional credit."

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fromasterjay2793d ago

HELL YES! Cannot WAIT for this game!

cochise3132793d ago

i have a 20 credit from kz3 to put towards this, and i get 10 back so that's a sweet deal.

gamer20102793d ago

Damn it, I already preordered it from Newegg. Oh well, not a big difference.

SeNiLesBack2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Not a big difference but Amazon just might change it a few days or week before it releases to $20 credit. If they change it to $20, they will most likely raise the price to $59.99 like they did with both Killzon 3 and Bulletstorm. Those that pre-order now will get upgraded to the $20 credit and might only pay the $57.99 price. Not a 100% sure on the price but you forsure will get the $20 credit if they offer it.