Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smartphone Priced At $840?

A United Kingdom Retailer “Play” has priced the upcoming Smartphone - Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in unlocked version for a surprising price of £519.99 with Free Delivery (Around $840 converted to US dollars).

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Dannehkins2847d ago

It will probably be less in the US. I find that when converting $ to £, you'll find see that the actual UK retail price is more than what the conversion rate states. By that logic, I would expect it to be a lesser amount in $, but by what degree, I do not know.

MintBerryCrunch2846d ago

the pound is stronger than the dollar, by your logic it should cost more in the states since you get more dollar for every one pound

gamingdroid2846d ago

Actually, prices of goods are usually dependent on local taxes and what the average salary is so in the US it should be less. I find that a good conversion is 1 pound to every 1 dollar.

I expect it to cost $500 in the US without, which is competitive.

Raf1k12846d ago

That's assuming they actually use the conversion rates for their pricing which they hardly ever do. If it's £520 here then it's likely going to be around $520 in the US. I'm guessing no more than $600.

Rush2846d ago

Your correct about the pound being strongest then the dollar, however Sony products are often more expensive in the UK.

Hence why the Xbox 360 was so popular here for a while.

A 360 with 20GB HD used to cost £130 why a Playstation 3 with 40GB HD was £250.

Dannehkins2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Let me take an example. The RRP for a game in dollars without taking into consideration the deductions from the shops is approximately $60 depending on the type of game, but I am assuming a brand new Xbox 360 or PS3 game. Converting that into £ gives approximately £37. However, our RRP for games is £50.

Can you see what I mean now?

I concur with gamingdroid.

Spinal2846d ago

The 3DS is priced at $250 in the US and £229 in the UK. So the conversion is not done the same. So if its £229 in the UK that converts to around $371.

So if the phone is £500 in the uk it will most likely be $600 in the US.

kneon2846d ago

Unlocked smartphones are expensive, this is not an unusual price for a high end smartphone. It's actually lower than the unlocked price for iphones.

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Sneak-Out2847d ago

At cost that 599€

Gamerfans2846d ago

at least it comes with free delivery.

BDSE2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

OFFS, this is the price WITHOUT contract. For reference the iPhone 4 is £510 direct from Apple. It's £689 from play.

Tenkin2846d ago

He forgot abouth the 20% added VAT the retard

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