Blockbuster Selling 160GB Slim PS3 For Mind-Boggling Price

Although multiple retailers are currently selling the 160GB slim PlayStation 3 SKU at discounted prices, Blockbuster has unleashed a deal which puts all other deals for Sony’s console to shame.

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WhittO2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Wonder how much effect the price drop will have on sales in the long run, whether they will go up and stay up or it will just be a spike.

I sort of regret buying my slim now, I only got it a few months ago for £249 :( ...and I think I got a loud 1 haha, since it is like 50/50 if you get 1 that's totally silent or 1 with high-pitched fans.

zootang2821d ago

£164.99 I don't believe it and I can't find confirmation, anyone?

kreate2821d ago

i want to buy. but i live in USA.

darthv722821d ago

blockbuster selling the ps3 that you can use to stream netflix to.

kreate2821d ago


but consumers buy blu ray/DVD to play on the ps3 which helps blockbuster. they also rent out games as well.

zeeshan2821d ago

I smell an official price cut come E3'11 :D

LoVeRSaMa2821d ago

I am tempted to buy a 2nd PS3 lol..

thereapersson2821d ago

I'd say it's a good bet that Sony will drop the price of the PS3 considerably, come E3 2011.

Istanbull2821d ago

Where are the deals for mainland Europe??

164 pounds??? PS3 is 300 euros here!!

inveni02821d ago

I bought my third PS3 fro BestBuy in the US for $299, and it came with a $50 gift card. I'm saving the gift card for Portal 2 on PS3 (since it comes with the PC and Mac versions--both of which I'd like to have).

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blumatt2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

A $200 PS3 would really cause a stir in the industry. A huge lineup of games plus an irresistible price would do wonders for Sony. Of course, I'm sure MS would counter it with a $99 stripper model 360 that people would fall for and get instead. haha Hopefully not, though.

Be gentle guys. I have but two bubbles left thanks to the mods, who are waaaay too harsh on this site. Actually, I could care less, cause even though I've been using this account for 2 years now, I guess I can just go make another one like everyone else does. lol

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Vherostar2821d ago

Don't think MS could get away with anything smaller than the 4gb model they have now which they couldn't possibly release at 100 dollars. Even so with the price of live and a hard drive on top of that 100 dollars its the same price as a ps3. That model would be used for the same reason the old arcade was used. As a replacement for bricked/dead consoles rather than a new buyer buying one.

showtimefolks2821d ago

new hack-free ps3 300gb for 299 coming soon

i say we will see a new ps3

wireless N
and by now sony's techs must have figured out something that will keep the ps3 hack-free for a long time again

and i think its will be 249.99 i know a price drop is something sony doesn't want to do but do it now than do one next year's gdc to bring it to 199 by Q1 2012

by the time agent,ff13 and few other hits come out in 2012 sony's install base could be over 60million so that means more sales for 3rd party games plus first party

that's just my feeling on what's going on

2821d ago
Raendom2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Sony to announce a new model/official discount at GDC? Seems odd that they go from £240 to £165!

Think I'll be buying one of these tomorrow, and give my old PS3 to my brother.

doctorstrange2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Is definitely up

Boody-Bandit2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I heard a rumor that Sony is coming out with a new SKU that will include wireless N and some other added features for $199 (160g).

Hopefully it will be announced at GDC because I need a couple more PS3 units. If they were doing this Blockbuster deal in NA I would jump on it. I don't need wireless N. My main gaming room houses my router so I get 100% signal with my wireless connection. I never drop or lag online with it.

Istanbull2821d ago

Why do you say "will include wireless N"??

ALL PS3 SKU's since 2007 have wireless N.

Its not like Xbox where you have to pay for a wireless N adapter.

AssassinHD2821d ago

Are you sure that is accurate? As far as I know the wireless standard in PlayStation 3 consoles is 802.11g, not N.

Boody-Bandit2821d ago

PS3 is currently wireless G

NateCole2821d ago

I think Sony have managed to plug the hole with their new PS3 SKU and are selling these current ones at this price to get rid of them as they are still open for hacking.

doctorstrange2821d ago

If, say, there are a million hackable ps3's at retailers, cutting their price means they still get sold - just faster.
A million people will still get hackable ps3's regardless of the price.

NateCole2821d ago

I don't know. Its just fishy why Sony just suddenly would drop the price now considering that.

1. They are on target to exceed their sales goals.
2. They normally would have price drops near the beginning of the holidays.

The only thing i can think about is the current situation with hackers.

Its more or less a lost cause with the current patch of PS3 as they will have to play cat and mouse forever. This is why Sony are going all out with this court case with these hackers as they really don't have a complete fix.

Right now perhaps Sony just want to minimise cost to them and publishers and push out the new PS3 SKU with the new security measures asap. They can't just dump the whole PS3 inventory they have right now so might as well sell them at cost. Introduce the new SKU with the new security measures with added functionality and pump the price back to $259 instead of the $199 for the old stock until they are gone.

This is just my opinion btw.

NJShadow2821d ago

Hm, wonder if Blockbuster is on its way to liquidating merchandise yet... (?)

Dannehkins2821d ago

These prices for the PS3 are incredibly. I would thoroughly recommend you buy one of these; it's a bargain for what you're getting.

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