Co-Founder Finds Activision Hate 'A Little Bit Strong'

Activision co-founder Alan Miller believes that the resentment some gamers feel toward the evil publisher is a bit "strong" and has suggested people tone it down a bit.

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Shackdaddy8362796d ago

I don't hate them anymore. I'm just to the point where I ignore their presence.

I don't buy their games anymore and I just don't feel like I need to bother with them.

Raendom2796d ago

Hehe, nice job ignoring their presence. (Joking, but mixed with a bit of snobbery)

Yi-Long2796d ago

... although obviously it helps that I'm not interested in the CoD and Hero franchises because of all the DLC-milking.

So many great games that are available that ARE worth the money, so I can perfectly live without feeding the cancer that is Activision.

Oh, and all the Activision hatred IS very much JUSTIFIED!

TBM2796d ago

good luck guy no one is going to listen after the way your company has been doing business of late.

Persistantthug2796d ago

I didn't really do it on purpose, but it just worked out that way.

I don't play music/rhythm games, I bought Battlefield Bad Company instead of COD4 and 5, and I bought Infamous instead of Prototype.

I almost traded someone for Marvel Ultimate Aliance 2 on Craigslist, but the deal fell through.

Fishy Fingers2796d ago

I don't really care for all the politics, I just buy what I think I'll like and what I think is worth the money.

Doesnt matter who's name is on the box.

RememberThe3572796d ago

I wish I was as objective as you. But I refuse to support a company like them. EA turned it around and now I buy their games. I would have bought Singularity if Activisions name wasn't on the box.

Elven62796d ago

Then you support multiplayer passes, NPC's in vanilla versions of a game that tell you to buy DLC to hear more, etc? And by not buying quality games from a developer you are only adding to the reasons why a developer should be shut down. Do you think Bizarre Creations would have shut down had Blur or Blood Stone performed well?

Companies aren't out to be your friend, unless you're a stock holder that is. Things are different for publicly traded companies and it's something the games industry doesn't realize quite fully yet, they can't just be for the gamer 100% of the time.

RememberThe3572796d ago

I don't buy games I don't want. I don't just go out and buy a game because EA made it. But I'm willing to buy games from EA because I feel like they focus on quality in a way that they have not before. It's sad to see Bizarre Creations close but I never wanted any of their games. I'm not just going to go out and buy a game that I don't want.

And of course they can't always be for the consumer but that goes for any company we're all used to it. But as a consumer I appreciate when they companies reach out to their fans and promise them they are going to do better. And at least try to balance their responsibility to their stock holders with a culture of creativity. I'm not going to hold a grudge against EA for how the worked in the past and if Activision wants to stop milking their franchises and treat their developers right I'll support them. I didn't buy RDR when I hear how badly Rockstar was treating their employees, but if I hear the opposite I'd be more willing to give them my money.

That doesn't mean they companies have to be perfect, but as a consumer I choose to draw a line.

ExPresident2796d ago

Maybe Activision should consider toning down their abuse of the gamers and the milking they do? Then maybe games won't hate so much about them.

Burning_Finger2796d ago

4 Words: **** You Alan Miller!!

Bathyj2796d ago

Freddy Krueger feels the same way.

You slaughter a couple dozen children and all of a sudden the neighbours wont invite you to their kids birthday parties anymore.

Whats up with that?

Sarcasm2796d ago

And like Activision, he still proceeds to kill more kids in their dreams.

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