Crysis Multi-Player Impressions and Screens

Crytek's new approach to FPS multiplayer has been labeled by them as Power Struggle, a team based game play mode that combined elements of Counter-Strike, Battlefield 2142's Titan mode and Unreal Tournament's Assault mode. The multiplayer beta test is just one map at the moment, but its easily one of the biggest multiplayer maps ever made for a first person shooter. It takes place on a tropical island setting where the US and North Korean forces are fighting it out for control of both the island and the alien technology that they can access.

The multiplayer beta's visuals at this stage are also somewhat below what FiringSquad have expected from Crysis. Textures are more bland and visual effects like weapons fire are a tad disappointing (except for the nuclear explosion effect; that never gets old) The biggest problem with the game is that it's still in beta which means slow frame rates and laggy gameplay. While the game still has a little over two months to ship FiringSquad hope that's enough time for Crytek to polish up the visuals and optimise the net code to avoid what happened to Far Cry's multiplayer.

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