Next Generation Portable - Standard and 3G Model Price

The first thing people always want to ask “How much does it cost?” since the Next Generation Portable announced. Finally, we received about the price information of the Next Generation Portable (NGP) from an interview with a Sony insider.

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rrw2891d ago

that actually a nice price (if they do it). it will sell like hotcake

Cyorg2891d ago

I hope that's right. I'll be buying the wifi version anyway. I'm already putting some money away for this, so that I can get it day-1.

TheLastGuardian2891d ago

God, I hope these are the real prices. I would gladly pay $350 for a 3G NGP.

MasterChief36242891d ago

It is indeed a really great price... That may just give it a total edge on the 3DS competition. Instead of being astronomically more expensive than the Nintendo handheld (a la the PSP vs. DS days), this will balance it out a lot if true.

God I hope it's true.

I will also be getting the Wifi version. I have my phone for 3G needs and I don't play online multiplayer much, so I'm not missing out :D

jony_dols2891d ago

All the insider reports about the NGP (then called the PSP2) prior to its announcement turned out to be true.

So hopefully this continues this tradition and is correct.
Day 1, 3G model for me!

blitz06232891d ago

Seeing as my BlackBerry will handle my 3G needs, $250-$280 is a damn good price for me.

a_bro2891d ago

just tether your blackberry to the NGP, and your good to go.

Iroquois_Pliskin2891d ago

3G for me. Pre ordered as well. My god imagine the possibilities! Having a good go at Killzone multiplayer while waiting at your local bus stop, the possibilities man!

darthv722891d ago

still no mention of the amount of RAM inside. I heard it could be as much as 1gb but 512mb would be nice too.

Just as a comparative. The original PSP had 32mb and the PSP 2000/3000/GO has 64mb. In my opinion, sony should have upped the GO to 128mb but 64mb is better for compatibility.

DaTruth2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I wonder how economical it would be to get the 3G with Skype and junk phones for good! My PSP-1000 is still viable unlike the 6 cellphones I've owned in the past 10 years!

I don't have a clue about data costs, Skype or how much data is used in phone calls! They should compress the hell out of it, being that sound quality is not a must.

You can switch to Wi-Fi at home to save dollars and use the phone at work. I hardly have to use the phone many other places!

klado2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Darth, the device is coming next to 2012...

Bet 1GB ram, albeit the iphone got 512 and other coming device are making 1Gb the standard.

Or there will be an upgrade with 1GB...? hope no.

Rush2890d ago

Why does it have to have 1GB or 512MB?

You do know they could easily give a memory between them.

My bet would be 256 dedicated graphics memory, and 512mb of standard memory.

sikbeta2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

This Thing is SO Awesome. that price is great, hope it's true. NGP = Pure Epicness...

captain-obvious2890d ago

you are on the right path
keep it up for the PS4

2890d ago
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morkendo232891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

if standard NGP at 250 why in the hell psp 3000 still 189??? you would think on amazaon,craigslist psp be selling 50-80.00 by now.
on both sites psp 2000-3000 still over 100.00 WTF

iceman062891d ago

They will wait for Sony to do an official price drop on the older PSP's and announce a price point for the NGP before changing anything. That way they can continue to make a profit for a little while.

blumatt2891d ago

A $250 PSP2 would definitely be a great competitor to the 3DS. A lot more tech in a lot better device for the exact same price. Plus, it's got online anywhere capabilities (if you get 3G model).

Imagine playing Call of Duty online ANYWHERE! Screaming at some 10 year old kid who just noobtubed you while you're riding the train home from work. haha

Call of Duty is gonna be the PSP2's killer app. (I won't buy it, but it will sell like crazy, I'm sure.).

My personal killer app for the PSP2 is Uncharted. It's such a great series. The locales, the ambience, the...uh...Chloe's butt. haha j/k

vishant1012891d ago

for me its the need to have surround sound on a full hd screen that makes it a gud game

Masterchef20072890d ago

So your saying that peace walkers is a terrible games cause it doesnt use a HD screen and lacks surround sound? You really should be careful the next time you choose your words.

krazeecain2890d ago

I actually have to agree with mini101 somewhat, I never really understood why people want to play these intense action games anywhere other than at home. I'd much rather play a nice RPG, or some other game that doesn't require my full attention, on the NGP.

lil Titan2891d ago

if its the real price range looks like ill be spending between $320 to $350.

RyuCloudStrife2890d ago

It doesn't make any sense?? People where whining about the 3DS price at 250 saying: "No handheld should go beyond 200", and NGP @ $320 "Oh that's just awesome, what a nice price" I mean like, WTF?

I will admit though the 320 price tag is indeed good for what it packs inside... Dont get me wrong here, I'm just going with what the people say as a reaction to the 3DS price...

Masterchef20072890d ago

Because they are 2 different handhelds.

People are extremely excited for the PSP because it is a handheld that can provide a PS3 experience on the go. Which is why people are expecting it to be so expensive. A 250€ price point for a handheld witht he power of the PS3 versus a 250€ handheld with the power of a gamecube is a pretty big difference. Which is why many people view the 3DS to be overpriced even though it offers 3D which the competetion does not. You also have to consider the fact that Nintendo usually doesnt price their handhelds so high the last one (the DS) was priced at 150€ which in my opinion should be the price of the 3DS.

Titanz2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Ignorance runs rampant on this N4g site.

White-Sharingan2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

No, it's not about a handheld being over $200, it's about the device being worth that price tag. The truth of the matter is, you and I both know the 3DS doesn't cost $250. What does the 3DS have?

- GCN graphics
- Touchscreen that isn't even multitouch (are you kidding me? still not multitouch?)
- Motion Sensing

the most expensive feature the 3DS currently has is the 3D screen, which for now it seems no game will use it to its full capability (considering it can be turned off, a game that truly uses the 3D to the fullest would need to have it on at all times)

For $250-280 on the NGP you get:

-Multitouch screen
-Multitouch trackpad on the back
- Near PS3 quality games
- Motion Sensing
- OLED screens (which are expensive as well)
- Front Camera
-Rear Camera
- Wireless N (does 3DS even have Wireless N?)
-Bluetooth (does 3DS have bluetooth? don't remember)

At least for me it's about the device being worth for the price it's sold, the PS3 was worth the price it was sold. The wii was not worth $250 when it launched, but hey, to each their own. I would pay $300 for an NGP (which is the price I believe they will really sell it for, still doubting this rumor about $280), and IF im crazy at the moment, up to $350, depending if it has great games.

(don't get me wrong, I do want a 3DS, but with no Zelda or Mario game at launch, I'll just wait a couple of months and see how it goes, but since there isn't a good launch game, it's not worth $250, but $200 for me)

Titanz2888d ago


Also-- the 3DS has gyroscope, motion sensing, 3 cameras, and 3D tech.

The NGP not being able to play UMD disks, is a "huge" disappointment for original psp owners.

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showtimefolks2890d ago

maybe at launch but all that depends on how many games are launching with it and stuff and if i have the money at that time lol

i guess time to save up

i know sony will launch this in fall because that's the best time so here is hoping it will be supported well and prices are around 350 for 3g

xAlmostPro2890d ago

i'd say $250 non 3g $300 for 3g

zeddy2890d ago

$350 dolars are £215 pounds so i hope its the same over in the uk but it seems to good to be true.

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SuperStrokey11232891d ago

While i would love that price i see the wifi version to be 299 at best. At that price i will get one, anymore though and im out for now.

Batzi2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I can't believe it!! Actually I won't believe it until I SEE IT MYSELF!! DAMN IT OTACON!!! That's pretty good news!

SaiyanFury2890d ago

Pretty good. I'll be getting the wi-fi version myself seeing as I don't play games online. 250 bones seems around the right price considering how much tech Sony is stuffing into this thing. That, and I'm not paying even more fees to a cell provider to go online. I can just do that kind of stuff at home. Shyte, I pay 20 bucks every 3 months for my Tracfone and barely use it, and I still think I pay too much...

Stealth20k2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


CrzyFooL2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )



Bathyj2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Spelling, but not syntax.

Its the big rectangular button just to the right of ALT.


SoulMisaki2891d ago

Hoping this is true. I wouldn't get the 3G though, I'm fine with WiFi.

What are people's thoughts on this?

Shikoro2891d ago

While being always connected sounds great on paper, it's actually good for standard phone tasks only, whereas it doesn't really work well with online games. If there could be a way to transfer low-bandwidth data really fast without much latency, it would be a win-win situation. But seeing as 3G has some bad issues concerning that area, it won't do much for online play.

If it turns out to be different from what I think, though, I would buy a 3G version in a heartbeat. :D

Biggest2890d ago

It depends on the data providers with this one for me. I already have 4G via T-Mobile and my phone has is a hotspot, so the Wifi version would work just fine. But if the speed stays constant and has a better connection than WiFi via hotspot, I'll probably get the 3G version. It's all up to which works best while having less cost.