First Battle Los Angeles Details and Images

onPause writes:

The movie 'Battle Los Angeles' is due to release on March 11th, 2011 and will receive a game tie-in. Usually movie and game collaborations turn out less than stellar and we can only guess the quality of Battle Los Angeles: The Game.

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MrGunny942820d ago

Sooo is this XBLA ? or something?

RonyDean2820d ago

Looks a lot like the recent Terminator game. REALLY wanting this one to be good!

MrGunny942820d ago

SAME HERE looks good! meh this game with this stories had a chance for a great multiplayer y'a know... 64 players on PC Humans fighting for resistance aliens fighting to conquer.. meh

mcroddi2820d ago

I wish this game will be good but I just cannot see it. They never are...

Fishy Fingers2820d ago

Film looks brilliant, didnt even know there was a tie-in game.

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