Avatar Kinect features shown off in new trailer

Microsoft demonstrated a range of features for upcoming Xbox 360 chat service Avatar Kinect at the firm's Redmond headquarters earlier this week, which you can see in the new trailer.

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btk2797d ago

The future of XB360 gaming is here!
Gameshows and dancing games.

MicroSony4Life2797d ago

I think MS is on to something with this CHAT thing.

I know that the best way to mingle with friends and family is by actully being with them but what about people who have Family 1000 of miles away or have family/friends that cant leave the house because of amedicle reasons.

Cyber Chat is not some thing new but I think MS is trying to push ahead of the pac.

Chubear2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Uh. Ok, so when Sony (years ago) has this is home where you can do 100 times more things with your friends & "family 1000miles away" and even with millions of others that aren't even on your friends list it was considered meh and a waste of time

... but THIS is "pushing ahead of the pac"? This gen is full of rubbish.

*shakes head, walks out*

kissmeimgreek2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )


because Sony definitely invented something that lets you TALK (not type) with your friends and family and express emotions and actions with an avatar with voice and body motions.

Yah you really need to hop off Sonys dick

edhe2797d ago

Goody! one less uninformed troller!

Bye! Good Riddance!

Home isn't it - multiway video chat is it so nice one picking up the *wrong example* there.

But OT - why bother with a kinect-based chat room when everyone has cameras so you could have a multi-way video chat?

It's cool but is it worthwhile?

douchedebater2797d ago

I like it, some can't wait to record some good old fashion sports smack talk with my buddies.

Hazmat132797d ago

lol now i can wear ranger armor from Metro 2033 and pretend to be a badass dude. lol or a templar and do the cool bend your neck downward and be badass. im not joking btw looks fun cant wait to get a kinect and try it out!

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