Gamer Euphoria: Most Anticipated Games Of 2011

2010 was an interesting year in gaming to say the least. Most notably, the previous year has seen both Sony and Microsoft leap into the world of motion controlled gaming. Sony may have stumbled slightly upon landing whilst Microsoft hit the ground running, but both companies remained steadfast in their promises to make their consoles more accessible to the “casual gamer.” Whether 2010 was truly a great year in gaming then, is entirely down to how you perceive the latest gaming trend. Does it have potential? Could this possibly be the future of gaming? Or is it just another fad that’ll be dead on its feet this time next year? Who knows, what I can say for sure though is that 2011 is shaping up to be one hell of a year with fantastic looking titles to cater for anyone’s tastes.

The Playstation 3 looks set to shake the criticisms over its lack of great exclusive titles. Right off the bat, the stellar Little Big Planet is being followed up by the appropriately named Little Big Planet 2. Although the UK release is still a few weeks away, the US reviews that have slowly been filtering in are singing nothing but praise for this cute and incredibly in depth platformer. Speaking of sequels, the title that showed us all what the PS3 is really capable of is set to release this February. That’s right, I’m talking about Killzone 3. Despite the lacklustre Killzone on the PS2, Killzone 2 decimated any preconceptions players had towards the game and reinvented itself as a title. Killzone 3 is looking even more beautiful than its predecessor with a refined multiplayer experience set to challenge the current multiplayer kings. Developers Guerilla also seem eager to take their first steps into the realm of motion controlled gaming, which is surprising for a series that caters to the “hard core” shooter fan. Guerilla are releasing a very stylish assault rifle caddy for the PS Move controllers. Simply disregarding it as a gimmick would be disrespectful towards Guerilla who seem to have put a lot of effort into its development, the build seems sturdy and of a suitable size, whilst the exact controls for Move along with the rifle are fully customisable in game! See more here.

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