Razer Chimaera Xbox 360 Headset Gets Bumped To 5.1-Channel Surround, PS3 Users No Dice

Razer’s Chimaera wireless gaming headset for the Xbox 360 and PC is one bad ass looking piece of headphone kit. But one thing it lacked was a full surround sound experience. Fear not audiophiles, they just announced a 5.1-channel version of the ultra sleek and wireless headset.

Much like the stereo version it sports 50mm drivers for some serious, or so we hope, bass thumping sound and the ability to create a private chat when you’re in proxmity of 1-3 other Chimaera headset users. One caveat to the full surround is a reduced battery life of 8 hours, which is 4 hours less than the stereo version.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2797d ago

Wow @ title... does the article mention anything about ps3? If so why itsnt tagged as ps3 as well?

morganfell2797d ago

It doesn't matter. We're holding out for 7.1 Surround that the PS3 delivers.

Raider692797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Long wait you will have then!I really hope razor brings this to the PS3 along with the ultimate professional controllers they are about to release this month for PC/360 too!I only wish the my PS3 coud get ones too since for my 360 they are already reserved!

im-12-years-old2797d ago

Meh I have the AX pros for my ps3/PC

Bigpappy2797d ago

NO PS3 dude. Right there in the head line.

Too expensive for my taste. I will stay with my cheapo, freebie headset from M$. If the stereo version were $70, I would be all over it. Look nice though.

Gish2797d ago

What kind should i get? I need surround sound wireless and I have a PS3 and 360.

gcolley2797d ago

tritton... now owned by madcats. i have an old pair of 5.1s and they are ok but the newer ones are much improved from the reviews i have read. optical and coax inputs. http://www.trittontechnolog...

SuicideShaun2797d ago

Razer products are awesome, using my mamba and lycosa right now.

u jelly?

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The story is too old to be commented.