Microsoft’s Kinect: The New Mouse?

REDMOND, Wash. — Behind Kinect, the computer game device that recognizes gestures and voice commands, lies a far larger agenda for Microsoft.

The Kinect technology, according to Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, is the beginning of a new way of communicating with computers. For the past quarter of a century, computing has mainly meant typing on a keyboard and using a computer mouse to point and click on graphic icons on the screen — the graphical user interface, or GUI (“gooey”).

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ComboBreaker2794d ago

just like how touch screen is more intuitive to use.

But, just like touch screen, there's some serious limitations, and it can never fully replace the mouse for certain things, for example, playing FPS games, etc.

MAJ0R2794d ago

it's crazy that were even seeing these articles, anyone with a brain in their head would know that Kinect will never be good for core games

Rush2794d ago

Not entirely sure how that works. I think it's more accurate to say, no one without the ability to think outside the box will think Kinect is good for core games.

If your mind wasn't so limited though you would understand plenty of potential integrations.

btk2794d ago

It is like saying that the 0.3 pencil will be replaced with chalk.

The Kinect camera is 640x480 @30fps. It is not nearly as responsive and accurate as a mouse. Not even at 5 times the resolution will the Kinect be able to event come close to a mouse. Just look at specs and forget the spin.

Move is a really great and precise motion controller. Light years ahead of Kinect in terms of responsiveness and accuracy. But Move will also not replace the mouse. As accurate and fast as Move is, it is not remotely even close to a Mouse.

Get real.

darthv722794d ago

the reason is because of the sphere for the camera to focus on and not the person holding it. Kinect could get that accurate if there was something for the camera(s) to focus on as well. Perhaps a small spherical plug in that fits on the 360 controller. Plugs in like the play and charge kit but have a little glowing ball on it.

So not only would the kinect see you but also the glowing ball for increased accuracy.

Bigpappy2794d ago

You are almost there "darth". The move is only tracking one point, while Kinect is tracking at least 40 times that. Btk is just trolling though, the article has nothing to do with PS3, the Move or wii for that matter.

IT btk's avatar what a real troll should look like?

darthv722794d ago

Is it that I made a suggestion on how kinect could improve its accuracy or that I said move is tracking the controller and not the person?

If there was a mocap type of suit to wear for either kinect or pseye, I would imagine it would be as precise as what they use in movies.

Wh15ky2793d ago

I think you got the disagrees because you basically suggested that Kinect could become more accurate by becoming Move, I don't think your being as imaginative as you think you are.

I also think MS would have a hard time coming out with add-ons for Kinect. The camera is already very expensive and is apparently all you should need for full body motion control gaming. To release add-ons for it would make the full package far too expensive and would be like MS are admitting they were wrong, it's not all you need at all.

gypsygib2794d ago

I much rather use a mouse/trackpad on my computer. It's a lot more fast/accurate/efficient to slightly move my wrist than my entire arm.

nygamer282794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

the possibilities are endless

Megaton2794d ago

Yeah, and I'll be replacing my pens with paint rollers.

BK-2012794d ago

Best analogy I've heard in a while.

MicroSony4Life2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Depends on your Profession - If I was a pinter I would rather the paint roller than the pen ; )

Trroy2794d ago

I think the number of pens used, and sold, each day probably far exceeds the number of paint rollers... if you get my meaning.

MicroSony4Life2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

It does but 1 pen is 5 cents and a roller is about $2.00 with the paint being $20 a gallon...if you get my meaning.

MicroSony4Life2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

The point to my analogy was that casuals dont care about 1:1, they care about fun.

Just because we hard core dont like Kinect, that does not mean that some one else thinks diffrent.

Trroy2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

The article isn't really talking about gaming, though. It's talking about Kinect replacing the mouse. I'm saying that it just plain lacks the fine grain finesse -- its just not going to happen.

Most computer mice are about productivity, not fun. Kinect doesn't have what it takes to be efficient, from that standpoint, and it won't for a long time... if ever.

MicroSony4Life2794d ago

That I can agree on - the mouse is much too quick and precise to be replaced by any motion controller.

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