Get your silver DS Lite early

If you were excited by the news of a silver DS Lite joining the family of black, white and pink, Pocket Gamer might just have something even better for you. Wrapstar, a company exclusively dealing in snazzy 'skins' for games consoles, mobiles and iPods has just sent Pocket Gamer news of its very own "Nintendo beating" silver skin, designed to make your DS look just like the official silver model.

It's obviously difficult to tell how convincing the effect is without having it in hand, but Pocket Gamer have previously reviewed one of Wrapstar's PSP offerings and were suitably impressed by both the quality and effectiveness of this simple product. In fact, nearly nine months on, it has still got the back skin stuck on what used to be the main PSP for reviewing (until a Slim & Lite model came along) and it remains as pristine as the day it was applied.

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