Sony Forming Anti-Piracy Program

Two new job listings posted on SCEA's website reveal the company is getting serious about PlayStation 3 software piracy.

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MGRogue20172822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Sony, Hire George Hotz! (George Hotz)

Godmars2902822d ago

Then stick him in a cubicle in a sub-basement room. brick it up after you shove him in.

Sorry, but considering the "man's" attitude, there's a good chance he'd only leak secrets to the hacker community.

rockleex2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Geohotz didn't even successfully hack the PS3.

It was FailOverFlow.

In fact, Geohotz retired from hacking because of the PS3. He only came back to release the codes and get some attention after FailOverFlow's success.

What a douchebag.

Godmars2902822d ago

Also thought it only happened because a hacker group posed as legitimate game devs so they could get their hands on a kit. That's what gave them the codes.

BluePumpkin72822d ago

why would they trust him? and if sony hired him that would make them look desperate , and i bet sony can find a hundred other better programmers to hire

dktxx22822d ago

If this guy was any good at all good at hacking, he'd already have a very well paying job. These guys hacking phones and games, they suck at it. Hackers with any skill whatsoever are making big bucks in the military and huge corporations. Hackers are a valuable commodity. They don't go unnoticed, when they are any good.

mushroomwig2822d ago

That would be like hiring the man who broke into our house as a security guard.

Just because he has experience doesn't mean you can trust him.

Iroquois_Pliskin2822d ago

hahahaha that made me laugh bubble for you :D

But what kind of a company hires someone who has an infamous background of leaking secret info to hackers?

Armyless2822d ago

Sneakers is one of my favorite movies. A farce, yes, but still fun :D

THC CELL2822d ago

what so he can black mail them for money.

nickjkl2822d ago

i believe it takes more skill to create a security program than to bypass it

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They need to hire some kind of Hackers to counter the Crackers.

SWORDF1SH2822d ago

Trust me, Sony have very smart people that made the PS3 unhackable for so long and with their ongoing job to reduce hacking activity now.

But this isn't going to go away easily. Thats why Sony are trying to kill the weed by killing the root.

hiredhelp2822d ago

Thats why Sony are trying to kill the weed by killing the root. LOL see what you did there. bubble voted. made my day.

MrBeatdown2822d ago

Why do people think "hiring the hackers" is a new idea?

Sony already does this. Only instead of hiring idiots who try to make names for themselves on the internet because of some hack they work on in their bedroom, they hire the people with not only the same skills, but the ambition to actually get a job using the those skills.

Mmmkay2822d ago

yes, he has done his part in life, now he can die.

sourav932822d ago

That made me LOL. Bubbles for you sir :)

Graphics2822d ago

Sony Tries so hard to protect themselves and their money but does shit when it comes to their consumers. Why didn't they step up their game when linux got exploited and spent $$$. Oh cause they had option 1. Free! remove other OS and screw consumers. Sony disgusts me the most out of all brands I have dealt with. That is why the court accused Sony of "The Computer & Fraud Abuse Act. The other thing that I find most disturbing is the idiots that are rooting for them.

DragonKnight2822d ago


@Graphics: So when did you use your Linux OS on the PS3 for homebrew? Before or after George Hotz forced its removal? Oh, you don't have a PS3? Thought so.

rockleex2822d ago

And what other things do Sony do for free?

PSN is free
Web browser is free
Home is free
Life With Playstation is free
Video/Audio chat is free
Chat room is free

And all the other countless features and services they added for free.

SoapShoes2822d ago

You are disturbing... They are giving consumers what they want(games) and even if they weren't it's no excuse to try to ruin their company. If you don't like what they do then simply don't buy from them.

karl2822d ago


u are hopeless dude

Led-Zeppelin2822d ago

LOL you just watched ALFAxD_CENTAURO's video then clicked on one of the suggested videos. Nice lol :D

Iroquois_Pliskin2822d ago

lol Alpha ´May God have mercy on your soul´ epic!

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Acquiescence2822d ago

and that man is Chuck Norris.

Take note kids, if this man catches you in the act of pirating any Sony games, he's gonna find out where you live and personally come over to your house to supply his own special brand of law enforcement.

You'll have a few bumps and bruises by the end of the ordeal, but at least you'll be a little bit more the wiser.

Stay safe, stay out of Chuck's way.

2822d ago
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