Extra Punctuation: What if We Leveled Backwards?!

Yahtzee's crazy idea for RPGs that might actually work.

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i first heard about this 'idea' when i was watching a xbox live video. they interviewed some dude about a game and asked him if that was a good idea. so hurry up dude if you wanna copyright that one.

Chubear2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Needless to say it would have to be implemented properly and with quality and it's got make sense how attributes are "delocated" but yeah, this would be a very welcome gameplay innovation for certain genres.

Action RPGs spring straight to mind.

It's refreshing to read something like this in the gaming community that feels like gamers are looking for progression of gaming mechanics rather than "top 10 reasons everything sucks and is broken or not"

Iroquois_Pliskin2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

hahaha thats a crazy concept I honestly dont know if it actually would work. I hated that in every GoW you lose your powers you got from previous games

frjoethesecond2883d ago

I like it. It would make the game difficult and you would need to increase skill instead of levels. It wouldnt be for the feint of heart though.

blackburn52883d ago

It is an intresting idea. It's kind of like Kratos being a god and then falling from grace and becoming human again. (Hey, that could be the name of the game, Fall from Grace or Downwards Spiral). The character can start off as a powerful being then slowly lose strength and have to rely on other things to get him/her through e.g. you start off with unbreakable, invincible armor but you lose it later on and have to fight more carefully to avoid death. Only problem is most developers are too unimaginative or lazy to make it work right.

grailly2883d ago

I love the idea! but starting with every ability and then losing the, would feel wring i think, and you'll never master the abilities. I think you should be trading your stats(hp,mp, etc...) for new abilities, so you could refine your gameplay while being obliged to play better

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The story is too old to be commented.