The demo of Clive Barker's Jericho and NHL 2K8 available on Xbox Live

Two more game demos have arrived to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The first one is the demo of Clive Barker's Jericho which is not available in Germany and Asia. Its size is 885.17 MB.

NHL 2K8's demo is the second one. It weighs in at 1 GB and not available in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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Saint Sony4134d ago

Anyone tested it yet? Opinions?

Jeremy Gerard4134d ago

I'm downloading it as we speak, why don't you go download it yourself?

jromao4134d ago

Disapointing, very regular FPS, nothing more than that. Allows us to swap teammates while playing but NOT worth. Far from my buy list.

Rhezin4134d ago

lol I think I'll stick with a REAL review then some shmucks.

marionz4132d ago

iagree its pretty bland, too dark and red, and its not even fun
i went from thinking this would be a day one perchace to absolutley hateing it after playing the demo

fopums4132d ago

I agree, Jericho is a let down, I played the PSN nothing great, and I was kind of hoping it would turn out good.

WafflesID4132d ago

I've learned that you don't base a purchasing decision entirely on a demo. You just don't get enough out of some demos to really tell how a game is. Blue Dragon is one such demo. Demo sucked, but how can you possibly make a demo out of a an RPG that you can easily spend 60 hours on (I finished it after 65 hours and none of my characters were at level 80). Blue Dragon was so much better than the demo.

Bioshock is another example. Although the demo was great, it didn't even show you a glimpse of the depth of the whole game.

I thought the demo for jericho was ok. But who knows what is being left out of the demo. It was too short.