Gran Turismo Ferrari "Too Difficult"

Brunno Senna, professional Ferrari race car driver says: " It's a good game but the biggest misrepresentation in GT HD is the Ferrari 599. It's overly difficult to drive, even if you put racing tyres on. It's almost as if the car has far more power than it does in real life." So if anyone knows and understands what it's like to take the wheel of a real Ferrari, it's this dude.

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sfinXters4043d ago

I hope Polyphony listens.

SL1M DADDY4043d ago

Come on, it's a demo and nothing is perfect. IMHO the GTHD Demo was released to apease the public at the release of the PS3 and was in no way perfect. However, I am sure that with criticisms like this, Polyphony would have no quams with fixing their game if in fact the final version had issues like this. Besides, the general public does not drive these cars in real life so to get a mildly exagerated version of a Ferrari is no problem to me. lol

synetic4043d ago

gran turimo HD aka gran turismo 4 HD

who cares gt prologue and gt5 fix all that ... cant wait for gt prologue >___<

Kleptic4043d ago

yeah no one ever remembers that...its GT4's engine...visuals and physics are all based on a ps2 game.. (GT 4 would play at 1080i @ 30 fps out of a regular PS2 with component case anyone didn't know that)...its nothing spectacular for this generation (yet oddly enough held its own against Forza 2 in visuals)...and its free...

Danielson4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

well that was in gt HD so I'm sure by now they tweaked some of of cars and will probably be a lot better in prologue. [>_<]

synce4043d ago

Don't give this guy a copy of Forza 2 then, because the cars in the game will spin out from the slightest tug at the thumbstick. As far as I'm concerned, both series are overrated for their realism, but GT has the upper hand since it's much prettier than Forza.

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The story is too old to be commented.