What’s in a Clone? Minecraft and the Explosion of a Genre

Eager writes: So what’s in a clone? We got in touch with DjArcas from ProjectorGames, who is working on an Xbox Live Indie Games title called FortressCraft. The game is essentially Minecraft, coded in XNA, and predictably improving on many features of Minecraft while omitting many of the features that have been built into Minecraft over its longer development history. DjArcas shared some of his insight into development, the response of the community, and his goals for the game in the long run.

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Soyokaze2882d ago

I honestly believe that FortressCraft is BAD for the games industry. Developer and gamer alike. Long story short, it kills Minecraft's unique business model - which could have gone on to work for future indie titles. It makes game designers less able to make innovative games. If you'd care to hear my reasoning, hit the jump: