JOYTECH Brings Next Generation of Monitors to Xbox 360

JOYTECH announced today the 9200 Digital LCD Monitor, designed specifically for Xbox 360. Armed with a host of unique features, the 9200 Digital LCD Monitor introduces gamers to a whole new way of experiencing Xbox 360 without the need for a dedicated TV.

With JOYTECH’s bespoke Faceplate Connection System, the 9200 Digital LCD Monitor attaches quickly and safely to the console providing users with a dedicated 9.2inch Digital LCD Screen which, thanks to true RGB compatibility delivers a breathtaking, pin-sharp picture, perfect for games, movies and all forms of digital media.

Delivering sound good enough to match the visuals, the 9200 Monitor features integrated Stereo Speakers and SRS 3D Surround Sound enhancing games and movies by projecting a wide spatial sound field whilst the twin Headphone Outputs allow two users to enjoy games and movies in privacy.

Ideal for play in smaller rooms or areas with limited space, the Monitor is perfect for LAN parties and folds flush with the console when not in use. Completing the experience the 9200 Monitor even comes equipped with a mini Remote Control, operating functions on both the Monitor and the Xbox 360 console.

With a design that perfectly complements the console, the 9200 LCD Monitor is available now for a suggested retail price of £149.99.

For further information on JOYTECH peripherals, please visit:

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OutLaw5832d ago

I can't see me playing my games on that monitor. It's just not that appealing

remoteXimpaler5832d ago

i think its very cool for on the road

OutLaw5832d ago

But if I want a system for the road it will be my handhelds or a PS2 slim, not my big 360.

remoteXimpaler5832d ago

i dont have a handheld and you do so i can see why this would be pretty lame

ChaosKnight5832d ago

To tell you the truth, it would be useful on the road... but if you're on the road and you're bouncing around... you know whats gonna happen to your disc when your 360 flips *screetch* dead. but its a good idea, just gotta find a way to kee the 360 still or fix the problem (without modding it ourselves)

Aflac5832d ago

just play demos and arcade games on the road then?

Shadow Flare5832d ago

Its...very...slowly...starting to...look like....the old xbox...

Hey, this is actually a good idea. When you're on the road, try sticking your 360 out the window. That'll cool it down!

Asuka5832d ago

OMFG......i just have to have a little @$$ screen for my console >_>

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