Homefront: A real FPS multiplayer contender?

Come for the story, stay for the multi-player. That's the way we're looking at Homefront, Kaos Studio's FPS that plays out the 'What if...?' scenario of an occupied United States of America.

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Hellsvacancy2891d ago

Meh, ill probably rent HomeFront at sum point, its a game a dont really give a damn if i play or not, looks like a lesser BC2, im more interested to see how the new Operation FlashPoint comes along

And of course........BattleField 3, the big daddy

blodulv2891d ago

Damn. 6 disagrees already?? Someone must really be lookin' forward to this thing. Looks pretty average.

Kazu0 Hirai2891d ago

Yeah, i just don't understand why this game is getting so much hype. It does nothing original, it will not be as good as battlefield, it won't even be as good as COD. Its a cheap knock off and looks very average

MidnytRain2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

You can't prove one game is "better" than another...
Some people seem to be completely incapable of not comparing one game to another. Even if it is a "knockoff", if it's a fun, balanced, well-maintained product, then the differences will strike a chord with gamers.

DavidMacDougall2891d ago

Graphics look stardard, campaign gameplay looks pretty boring to be honest, only thing i'd be interested in is the online, but i ain't even buying it day one for that as nothing with online works day 1 this gen.

Bottom line i'll wait till its cheap, same with Bulletstorm.

KonohagakureFC2891d ago

I dont get the whole appeal over the story, sounds a lot like resistance to me, just swap the koreans for Chimera

Capdastaro2891d ago

Why because it features an invasion?

Just swap Chimera for Germany and you've got World War 2

KonohagakureFC2891d ago

See even that, its all really similar.. sure the minor details are different but at the core of it you're just playing as a victim figting for your life just like in lots of other games

Fishy Fingers2891d ago

"Just swap Chimera for Germany and you've got World War 2"

Isnt that the actual story from resistance, more or less.

thief2891d ago

No, that is NOT the story from resistance, its a bit deeper than that. Just like the Helghan in KZ are not really space Nazis, if anything probably the wronged party in that story.

Dlacy13g2891d ago

@thief... you made me get bubbles for that. "Helghan in KZ are not really space Nazis, if anything probably the wronged party in that story."

awiseman2891d ago

And swap Helghast out for Nazis and you get WW2 in space. (actually halghast are fascist) But you get the idea.

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Capdastaro2891d ago

Probably... It will butter me along till the next game comes along anyway.

Fishy Fingers2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Watching quite a lot of gameplay, and it seems pretty slow paced and the AI seems to fond standing next to exploding barrels.

The story seems a little too "America... F**k yeah!" for me too.

But still I havent written it off, but it has some serious FPS competition this year.

blackhammer2891d ago

The targeted audience of this game is likely Americans. Since Americans are mostly familiar with the bland American architecture and cityscapes, the setting is justified.

I think it is less of a "America F**k Yeah" and more of a "North Korea F**k You!"

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