Confession Time

Paul Govan of PlayTM writes: "Okay, so it's confession time. I have a secret and I'm not sure how to talk about it without invalidating myself as a gamer, and perhaps more importantly as a games writer. My secret is that I don't always finish games. I have hoards of games, but surprisingly few endings have ever seen the light of day."

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mighty_douche4091d ago

thats not really something you wanna hear from a game reviewer...

its true tho, i think only around 40% of players actually complete games, guess alot just jump to the multiplayer after a bit of training on single player

Skerj4091d ago

In my eyes a reviewer should completely finish a game before reviewing it. Personally I trust my own tastes but still, would you trust getting a car on someone's word who just got in the driver seat and didn't start it?

nix4091d ago

no. it's more like - the "driver" started the engine but didn't know how to brake! q:

IMO, fck the reviewers from now on!

nix4091d ago

the whole reviewing thing has gone out of hand! specially after the LAIR, WARHAWK and HS reviews.

i think the reviewers need to collectively draw a new chart to review new types of game. NOT ALL GAME HAS TO COME OUT WITH A MULTIPLAYER AND SHOULD BE LONG ENOUGH FOR YOUR BALLS TO ROT!

i hated it when HS was rated lower because it was short. and yeah it gets worse when it comes to Halo 3 - even after admitting that the graphics are not that great but yeah.. it gets perfect 10! (i'm not blaming H3 just blaming the reviewers.)

i've certainly lost faith in reviewers in the past few months. i think it's high time - WE THE GAMERS START REVIEWING THE REVIEWERS! q:

what say?

ps3tag4091d ago

get real gamers to do this kind of work or get lost.

Saint Sony4091d ago

Not all games manages to keep players interest. Even if you review the game, do you really have to play some below mediocre crap through to be believable reviewer?

4091d ago
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