inFamous 2 Developers Announce New Features and Changes

GP blogger, Obsidian writes, "A City that Isn't New York-esque

One of the issues many open world games have is choosing a setting that relies too heavily upon a real world location; like in inFamous, Prototype, and Spiderman 2, the city is heavily based on New York. inFamous 2 deftly sidesteps this problem with a new location called New Marais – a city with a pulse, culture and a unique feel to it, making this setting one of a kind. By changing their location, Sucker Punch has allowed for a much more vibrant and lively color palette as well as a great sense of individuality that may help inFamous 2 stand out from the pack of open world games. New Marais is influenced by New Orleans, which has never before been featured as a game setting, so the possibilities this opens up are quite nice. Not to mention the revamped enemy design for this new setting! What comes with a bayou-style setting is much more monstrous and horrifyingly incredible enemies. Compared to inFamous, this choice seems much more interesting and a definite perk of the setting."

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cochise3132821d ago

This game is gonna be so bad ass.

TheLastGuardian2821d ago

It's going to be one hell of a game. I can't freakin' wait.

inveni02821d ago

I'm super anxious for this one.

showtimefolks2821d ago

the sequel will always get the uncharted 2 treatment.

infamous is on sale for 10.99 at along with killzone 2 and both are out of stock.

play the first infamous anyone who is on the fence.

the first infamous didn't get any dlc do you think this will get a few story based dlc or would you rather them work on the 3rd or sly 4?

cochise3132821d ago

I'd take a Sly 4, It'll be a nice break in between Infamous. I hate DLC, but stroy expanding dlc is welcome.

HeavenlySnipes2821d ago

Played the tutorial with my bro, will continue the rest during the weekend.

Next InFamous 2 on June 7, I can't wait.

BTW, unrelated but have the classes changed from the beta? I haven't checked.

inveni02821d ago

Next for me is the PS3 (and PC and Mac) versions of Portal 2. I have a PS3, gaming PC and MacBook, so the fact that I get all 3 for the price of one is awesome.

2821d ago
TheOneWhoPwnsYou2821d ago

inFamous 2 looks to be good.. Can't wait.

Serinous2821d ago

the first one was awesome, loved the game so much haha but def hope they will add more things to do in the game. maybe like mini-games?

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