IncGamers: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

IncGamers' John Robertson goes fighting in Capcom's latest title.

"Intellecual property crossovers and convergences are nothing new. We’ve had Mortal Kombat square up against DC Comics, Aliens meeting Predators and the union of the Mario and Sonic universes.

However, when Capcom are involved things tend to be a little different. They treat the subject matter with a great deal of care, attention to detail and respect. This approach invariably leads to some wonderfully crafted and rightfully celebrated games. Games that are usually meet with cries of joy from the Kingdom of Geek as age old forum flame wars revolving around who would win a fight between Devil May Cry’s Dante and X-Men’s Magneto, or Street Fighter’s Ryu and Marvel’s Dr Doom, can finally be settled. "

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