Shun Pirates But Do Not Shun The PC Gaming Community

Given all of the leaks which have come out of EA and all the PS3 hacking news over the past couple of weeks it’s easy to see why there are so many hullabaloos over the issue of Video Game Piracy. Whilst Consoles like the PSP and the 360 and more recently the PS3 are all consoles on which illegally obtained software can be played it feels like the gaming platform which gets the most flack from the piracy explosion is the PC.

It’s not difficult to understand why piracy on the PC is in some ways worse and more serious than console piracy. For one thing its much easier to pirate a game on the PC than it is to pirate a console game. Playing pirated games on an Xbox 360 would require warranty-voiding fiddling with your hardware in order to get it to work which means that less people can be bothered to do it. However pirating a game on a PC simply requires downloading the game files and a hack.

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