Killzone 3 - TV Spot

Sony & PlayStation just threw out this new TV Spot for Killzone 3. It's pretty short, Yes... but really epic!

The ISA mission has failed. Remaining ISA forces are hunted by the Helghast. It's just a few against the wrath of an empire. Surrender is not an option

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SoapShoes2794d ago

Not bad, shows gameplay!

arika2794d ago

i agree. short but sweet! better than their previous kz2 add in my opinion.

Boody-Bandit2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

That is a nice and sweet commercial.
Did you guys see this one yet?

gameforall2794d ago

Two f£$$ more days, damn you SCEE, switch your released days to the beginning of the week

SpitFireAce852794d ago

As long as they show some sort of commercial..
Sony needs to show off their exclusives more.

hakis862794d ago

Those are actually amazing!

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