Dave Perry says Nintendo will not let third-parties win

The founder of Shiny Entertainment believes that if seen as a threat Nintendo will take the moves to wipe you out. Speaking about development for the Wii, Perry has expressed concerns that third-parties will always struggle when up against Nintendo's first-party.

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ISay4039d ago

its all ways that way people have a way of quickly forgetting how Nintendo is incapable of maintaining good 3rd party support

Farsendor14039d ago

cool hope developers try a bit more on wii just so they can say they proved nin wrong thats what its all about competition money. and the more of that the better it is for us gamers.

Prismo_Fillusion4039d ago

nintendo really needed to keep hold of Rare
that was a big fail

hfaze4039d ago

Agreed. Rare put out some great games for Nintendo during the SNES and N64 days.

Yet Nintendo still seems to think that their games alone are all they really need to succeed. How quickly they forget that third party developer support is what made the NES a success versus the Sega Master System (which Sega tried to rely on first party games too heavily with this system).

gamesblow4039d ago

I refuse to support them and have done so since the end of the snes days. Dave is 100% right... Nintendo is a big ass bully, fully realised in the late 80's with their nes strong arming. I loath Nintendo and their garbage ass gimmick. Perry is a talented developer who knows the industry inside and out. Wild 9, to this day, best anythig "other than Metroid, mario, zelda" Nintendo has ever done for us. I mean the originals too... That's a whole lotta strike out years in between.

Perry should be hired for Sony PR, he's an amazing evangelist.

Prismo_Fillusion4039d ago

I hate to rehash what I *just* posted, but I will.
Do you forget all of the great games Rare made for the N64? Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo+etc., and I guess Donkey Kong 64 to some extent. That's not what I call a "whole lotta strike out".

But yeah, Nintendo really should back developers more. Luckily, with the current Wii sales I'm sure many high profile developers are going to get on board anyway.

AndrewR4039d ago

But Perry is guilty of churning out truly awful games along with his good (see the Matrix tie-ins). While I would agree that in the past Nintendo did not support third part games and developers, I would narrow this to the period of the N64. The gamecube had some great third party titles (Resident Evil 4 would be my prime example), and the Wii continues the trend. I believe Nintendo have learned their lesson. However, if you read the full interview, Perry's gripe is not that Nintendo does not support third part games, it is that they underprice them on sale. So? I buy games, I want them at a reasonable price. I know Nintendo games will provide me with a decent game, solid gameplay, and a worthy return on my purchase (20+ hours of gameplay is all I ask). If I want to watch pretty CGI cutscenes, I'll watch Lord Of The Rings.

Also, I do agree with Prism Of Illusion - Nintendo should never have let go of Rare, but, to be honest, they created better games for Nintendo than they ever have for Microsoft. I would be very interested to see what they would do with the Wii.

ChickeyCantor4039d ago

dude you hate Nintendo yet agree on perry?
that dude is praising the Wii.

" I think it's wonderful that they're back. They deserve absolutely everything "

yet you think they should burn to the ground......but you do agree with perry.
its like saying yes to a no.

AndrewR4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

If you read the full interview (at Perry in fact praises the Wii for shaking up the market - "Hopefully, everyone heeded the Nintendo message. Easy to play is very important in this industry."

What is interesting is that pro-g decided only to pick out the negative Nintendo points, specifically the price of third party games. If Ninendo can bring their games in at 39.99USD rather than USD 50 or 60, that's better for me, the consumer, and hopefully make third party developers question what seems to be ballooning development costs, with little to show for these (yes, I'm referring to Heavenly Sword - rumours of a skyrocketing budget, a large marketing push, and for what - cinematic visuals but only 6-8 hours of gameplay?).

So, would anyone at pro-g care to comment as to why they picked on the negative Nintendo aspects of this interview, when Perry also criticises the PS3 and the PSP?

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