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The 26th century muscle mary you've just shot in the throat clutches his neck frantically, spewing glistening streams of claret onto the roof-tiles under the oppressive glare of Bulletstorm's dual suns. Booting a belligerent reptilian berserker into a ventilation fan, you cock your Screamer, and as the flailing lizard-man shreds into a fine green mist, you discharge your throbbing weapon into the encroaching horde, launching one into a spiralling, smoky ascent.

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Ace_19752847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Just read the 10/10 review for this game over at Gamesradar. They even had the nerve to call out Killzone 3 at the end of the review and say this is better, but its' not as good as Gears of war 2 . lol. Is it me or is the gaming media giant retarded Xbox fanboys who can't be trusted?.

xer02847d ago

This is why reviews are bullshit these days.
It's just a meal ticket for the traffic whores.