ElectricPig: Bulletstorm review

Bulletstorm has heard the Word, and the Word is the first-person shooter genre has gone stale and is in need of a revival. Armed with over-the-top weapons, a host of one-liners and a few tricks up its padded sleeves Bulletstorm aims to give it some CPR by encouraging players to ‘kill with skill’. According to developer People Can Fly, Bulletstorm “Puts the fun back in first-person shooters.” We’ll see about that in our Bulletstorm review.

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paintsville2822d ago

Bulletstorm is good but I don't know about a 5/5?

Chubear2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Hey, Call conspiracy all you want. It's very clear and getting even more clear as the years go by that PS3 exclusives are judged on a totally different rating scale.

Killzone3's SP had incredibly engaging cutscenes, fantastic voice acting, great script and great delivery but was still called "lackluster" and bathed with 7s & 8s when we know the quality was much higher than reviews portrayed.

but bulletstorm? uhm weak frat boy cheesy dialogue filled with immature banter and it's "lol, it's cheesy cause THAT's how it's meant to be! You just don't know what fresh new "fun" is you simpleton! - 10/10!"

It gives me hope and courage that PS3 gamers are not fools or sheep to the media even though few might have been during the 1st year of the PS3.

When I see ME2 getting GOTY and 10s out the yang but PS3 gamers that have never played the series trying out the demo and going "WTF? this is GOTY? this isn't even a 9type game" and not going out to buy it in drones; When I see PS3 gamers not buy year old games that were hyped to be exclusives somewhere else; When I see games like GT5 and KZ3 selling at high rates despite the gaming media ragging them with 6s&7s

when I see this from PS gamers, my hope for gaming's future is reignited and I am grateful that there is a fanbase that know what quality gaming is and won't let metacritic or any gamingsite dictate what quality gaming is.

Go out and support PS3 exclusives you are interested in. It's the only way to ensure atleast exclusives will fight to be worth your 60bucks instead of letting these developers feel like they can do minor weak upgrades and then flood the gamingsites & forums with ad revenue to get 9.5s like water and sell their games that way.

Fishy Fingers2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Can we have a BulletStorm thread without banging on about Killzone 3?

Edit: A 4 paragraph edit? My, you do seem bitter.

BattleAxe2822d ago

No, because the wrecklessness of these reviews helps to guide consumers, by missrepresenting the games that they are reviewing. Its pretty obvious that certain percentage of media outlets play favorites when it comes to Sony and Microsoft.

Whether its just pure fanboyism because alot of these reviewers bought an XBOX 360 first when it was released a year ahead of the PS3 or because of advertising deals with publishers or Microsoft themselves, theres a huge problem with how the media works. It doesn't matter what PS3 game comes out, you can be sure that politics plays a role in the scores that reviewers give to games.

To score BulletStorm at the same level as a game like Uncharted 2 by giving it a 5/5 is completely wrong.

beatrixkiddo2822d ago

couldn't agree more chubear. the only negative i see from being a ps3 owner is that after playing- kz2, uncharted series, infamous, gt5, mgs4 and so on, i literally get bored after playing about 10-15 min of ANY other game. i did like dead space 2 but man, i haven't finished a mulitplat game other than before said in ages!!!! i'm hoping crysis 2 is on ps3 exclusive level. bullestorm kind of reminds me of a game that came out a few years back called "the club". that game was actually very fun imo. that said, i didn't even finish the bulletstorm demo.

MGRogue20172822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

5/5... lol no.

It's a rental at best.

Equivalent to a prostitute. Do what needs to be done & then get rid of her... And then maybe a few months down the line, you can come back for sloppy seconds when the price is cheaper.

Neckbear2822d ago

Leaving aside all anti-fanboy comments I want to make...

"Basically the perfect girlfriend for a gamer. :P"

Actually, that one would be a 2D waifu set with dakimakura and everything.

Just sayin'.

Ace_19752822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It's obvious to anyone with a brain that there is a bias in the gaming media that favours everything above PS3 exclusives. We expect reviewers to be unbiased, but it's not the case, they are fanboys through and through, which makes their reviews worthless. If they favour the 360 above the PS3, you are not going to get any fair reviews. And this is why you see games like Bulletstorm getting great review scores, because A, it's not a PS3 exclusive. And B, because it's also playable on their favourite console Xbox 360.

DelbertGrady2822d ago

Lol! Bubble down for sadness.

Kon2822d ago

Gotta love conspiracy theories.