Gamersmint Review: Killzone 3- Does it succeed in redefining console visuals?

Gamersmint writes: Killzone 2 was an excellent shooter for the PlayStation 3, one that the platform desperately needed. A graphical powerhouse indeed but also marred by unsatisfying controls

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Karooo2793d ago

awesome game, clan matches should be fun

NukaCola2793d ago

I preordered through Amazon, but it didn't get here on day one...sad face, for me being military shipping from the states to germany...I have games to play but my friends are already indulging into the war..

itchy182793d ago

NUKA i'm looking at my copy right now. it's right IN FRONT OF ME. it's so beautiful.... u jealous? lol just kidding man. you'll play this beast soon

NukaCola2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

yes yes i am. i stop at the store today and it was sitting on the shelf. when i thought no one was looking i also rubbed the game on my face and sniffed the plastic. i also talk some dude out of buying test drive and he got gt5 instead, so it was a good day.

Optical_Matrix2793d ago

Getting my copy tomorrow, a good two days early. Just showed a couple of my flat mates the demo and they were freakin' impressed. So hopefully got someone to press through the campaign with on Co-Op :]

The visuals are absolutely amazing judging from the SP and MP demos

Toman852793d ago

Please, I want this game so much right now. With my Helghast Edition. Mailman bring that package to me!!