Catwoman screenshots from new DC Universe Online content update

XMNR: The new content for DC Universe Online has gone live and it heavily features the sultry Catwoman. Sony Online Entertainement has released a batch of new screenshots showing her in action.

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Spawn-KING2820d ago

1 week late, better late than never.

HebrewHammer2820d ago

Does anyone know if the DLC for this game ever concludes? Like, if I sign into DCUO 5 months from now, will the Catwoman content be available still?

ECM0NEY2820d ago

Yeah it will still be there. The holiday stuff will be gone though.

HebrewHammer2820d ago

Ok cool. Since I'm a bit pre-occupied playing KZ3 and Bulletstorm, I was hoping that when I inevitably go back to DCUO, all the additional content will be waiting for me :)