So...Why Exactly Is The DualShock 3 Coming Next Year?

Sony finally get around to officially announcing a rumbling controller, and you did one of two things. One is that you accept the news. Graciously. You forget that this should have been there from day one, that it was only absent because Sony stubbornly refused to settle a lawsuit with Immersion and that they...well, they sold you a lie. Straight up. And you're happy! You've got rumble in your Sixaxis.

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vaan4043d ago

I really don't care about rumble.
Put it this way, I don't miss it enough to spend another 100 bucks replacing my two controllers. Hell no!

REbirth4043d ago

yes you right...but for the people who don't have the console (like me for example) this is other good thing from ps3! this remembers me when sony released in europe the 1st dual shock in 1998:D and when the ps sales exploded:P

Violater4043d ago

Big Fumble.

They had a great chance to give people a reason for buying a PS3 this Christmas, instead they have given people a reason not to.
Personally I would prefer some last gen rumble than some next gen eye toy this Christmas.

doublertist4043d ago

do you honostly think rumble is the reason why people buy ps3? if you want rumble go buy a vibrator...rumble doesnt sell systems....

ud4043d ago

I disagree vaan, you can still buy 2 new rumble controllers while keeping your other controllers, you never have enough of em now that you can play up to 7 players.

SonySoldiers4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

1. Never say something good about our competitor's consoles/games. Try to attack its shortcomings and do not listen to their opinions.

2. Never believe when they bring up bad news about the Playstation 3, just say something like "it doesn't surprise me" and/or act as if there's nothing wrong with it.

3. Never show your anger even if they make fun of your opinion, put a smile/LOL symbol in your writings or say something like you don't get upset over anything.

4. Never cease to defense other Ps3 fans like you always do for your favorite console. Show to the crowds that Ps3 owners are one big family unit.

5. Never ever think the Playstation 3 will loose the console wars nor it ain't got no games, the console's lifespan is about 10 years so it's just in the beginning. You do not want to give up things easily.

Thanks so much for your loyalty to Sony's Playstation 3. There's always hopes and promises in the future!

Jones Miller4042d ago

Yes you´re right! That´s all there ever was...hopes and promises!

MikeGdaGod4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

or whatever the name of the site was. he's a xbum posing as a sony fan trying to make them look bad is what i'm trying to say.

you don't fool me lame

InMyOpinion4042d ago

Why didn't Sony wait with announcing the rumble controller until they had enough to start bundling them with the system? At least until they had enough to put them in stores worldwide. It would be stupid to buy a PS3 before the new rumble controllers get bundled. Who wants to end up with 4 controllers, where 2 of them are lesser than the new ones and will probably only collect dust? There's no need for 'emergency controllers' since they rarely break. Uttelry stupid move...again.

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Farsendor14043d ago

still all this bashing on ps3 its a bit useless its losing gamers seem to want that.

everything isnt perfect nothing can be perfect but they should have gotten it right dont want sony to lose us gamers lose out then but hope they do make their product better.

kotaku just making it all worse. why should every system have rumble? 360 has it wii has it does ps3 have to have it? nope it be nice feature is it needed nope just wanted.

anytime micro or sony gives out good news its bashed on all sides by almost everyone gamers just cant be happy these days. its sad

halo 3 makes good sells thats awesome people bash it
home is delayed try to make it better people bash it
people was angry at micro cause they didnt include stuff that 360 had well elite came out people bashed it
sony tells people rumble coming out next year thats what people wanted and people bash it

know my grammar sux not a great typer but you know still stick to what i believe in love to state my opinion and just think way too many gamers want too much these days people need to waker up and realize the world isnt perfect stuff cost a lot of money.

joydestroy4043d ago

the DS3 coming out next year is just another reason along with other reasons why i'll be waiting until spring '08 to pick up a PS3.

The Dark Knight4043d ago

i dont know why they are realsing it, im really sure that asian guy for sony said rumble is so last gen at e3 06???

hmmmm desperate

FF7numba14043d ago

This an example of what fanboys say. Knowing that sony didn't choose not include rumble because it was not next gen. They just refused to pay the lawsuit causing them to lose rumble. And when some1 takes something from you, keep your head up and try to look at the bright side. This is where the rumble is last gen statement comes from. Anyways touch sense is not last gen if their gonna get that.

MikeGdaGod4042d ago

there's another winner on the growing ignore list

Farsendor14043d ago

read the article it kinda explains it with the lawsuit and stuff. well anyways have half the people on this site on ignore guess ill add another one.

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