Eidos wants PS3 price cut

Amidst all the usual banter about release dates, transition periods and approaches for the company, Eidos stated today that it believes a PlayStation 3 price cut is paramount to growth in the console's installed base.

"The Board continues to believe in the long-term commercial success of PlayStation 3 but believes this may take more time than originally forecast by Sony," chairman Tim Ryan wrote at the top of mother-company SCi's financials.

Eidos has often taken a softly-softly approach with new console hardware, happy to feel it out before bowling a dozen SKUs into orbit, and so it has proven with PS3.

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Jdash244136d ago

cheaper price means more people will buy it which means more people to play online

jiggyjay4136d ago

which also means more losses for sony... cost will go up with more people online means more servers are needed.. But one benefit of this is it will boost blu ray players in households which we all know is Sony's #1 priority!

Farsendor14136d ago

ps3 coolis would love if it had a price cut maybe more of my real life friends would buy one so we could play online together and stuff.

gameforall4136d ago

"I stated today that I believes an Eidos price cut is paramount to growth in the games Eidos makes". :P

Worry about your crappy games before you mouth off.

the_bebop4136d ago

Wow thanks Edios for setting us straight, for now I see the light. Thank you Captain Obvious.

test1231234136d ago

Yes price cut please :)))

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