CVG Bulletstorm review: Your questions answered

CVG: So we've delivered our verdict in our Bulletstorm review this afternoon - and attempted to cover all the important bits. But some of you still have some burning questions that need answering. That's what this little doozy's for.

Earlier this week we asked the CVG readers for any particular queries they had related to the game.

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Nike2821d ago

IGN claims Bulletstorm is under six hours (the reviewer claimed he finished it in that much time). It even knocked the game's replayability because of that (and the so called "tacked on" multiplayer).

But CVG says it's 9 hours long. And the multiplayer is enjoyable, despite no deathmatch.

Who to believe here, in regards to the length?

r1sh122821d ago

Dont forget this is CVG - They never get their numbers right...
Dont give the CVG site a hit, dont click the link

Kurt Russell2821d ago

You idiot fanboy conspiracy theorist moron...

r1sh122821d ago

@kurt russel..
Fanboy of what?

Conspiracy theorist...Yea sure.
Youre just angry for some reason - still a virgin?,
why would it even matter how long a game takes to complete.
1 gamer is likely to be better than another, and we dont know if IGN or CVG played on different difficulties.

Kurt Russell2816d ago

I can tell you're a loner by stated "still a virgin?" - It's usually what chumps write in a poor attempt to mask their own ineptitude.

No I am not thanks and haven't been for probably your entire pointless joke of a life span...

Now bore off.

Perjoss2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

who cares, heavenly sword was 5 to 6 hours and that was a brilliant game. There are many games that might sound short but I feel very privileged to have been able to play them.

Ace_19752821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Their sister site Gamesradar gave this 10/10 and went out of their way to say it's better than Killzone 3. So there is no conspiracy, they really are a bunch of Xbox loving fanboys who hate PS3 exclusives.

CVG and Gamesradar are blatant Xbox trolls.